NYC Law Firm Web Design Agency Receives Another Excellent Customer Testimonial

New York, NY - BSP Legal Marketing, a top-rated NYC law firm web design agency, continues to add to their winning record and reputation with one more favorable client testimonial.

Sandra K. of New York, NY says: “We are a well-established law firm practice, but until recently, most of our clients were referrals. With the unpredictable financial situation, our recommendation business dried up and we decided it was finally time to work on our website. We weren't certain what to expect. Viktoria has been invaluable. She was able to apply some quick changes to our website that produced new cases almost immediately. After that, she was able to make big improvements that are helping us every day, boosting our presence on the internet. We couldn't be more satisfied with the service we receive at BSP. Just a ten-minute conversation with Viktoria is eye-opening, if you are not sure what to do, speak with her first.”

With a home office in New York and serving law firms throughout the US and Canada, the NYC law firm web design agency has a well-established record of developing a successful online marketing strategy for their clients. Focused mostly on small firms, the company prides itself on providing high value on a tight budget. BSP Legal marketing concentrates on developing a website that converts, with a special focus on cutting edge search engine optimization techniques (SEO).

Regarding helping attorneys market their firms in 2021, lead SEO Viktoria Altman stated: "There is little question that one of the best ways to grow a law firm is by dominating Google search. However, that is usually easier said than done. In order to help our clients, we focus on research and development as much as implementation. Yesterday’s techniques do not work for today’s Google search, and many agencies fail because they focus on marketing themselves more than understanding the ever-changing technology. On the other hand, our resources are dedicated to constantly experimenting with Google. Once we find something that works, we roll it out to our clients quickly. They benefit from our focus on research - and we benefit by having happy clients."

Running a practice in New York City can be extremely competitive, with hundreds of lawyers competing for the very same client. In addition, many lawyers are also dealing with tight advertising budgets, as big expenditures are seldom possible for smaller companies.

Viktoria Altman goes on to discuss: "As a small business, our focus is always on delivering value. Make no mistake about it - SEO is a long-term proposition, but we also know how to get our client's calls quickly. Although there are no shortcuts in building up a great website, we know how to get our lawyers to appear in front of potential clients very quickly because we understand how to implement the right techniques. We understand that few small business owners can afford to sink marketing dollars without a quick return.”

BSP legal marketing and Viktoria Altman try to serve all their customers in a way that surpasses those of other marketing companies. The SEO firm prides itself on its dedication to its clients, a thoughtful and caring method to serving their clients, and providing the best return on investment proposition possible.

To find out more about BSP Legal Marketing and their ingenious technique to web design and SEO, check out the company's website.


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