NYC Label Maker’s Safety Signage Helps City Reopening Efforts

As New York emerges from the COVID-19 lockdowns, the danger of infection remains, despite increasing vaccination numbers. To help businesses reopen safely, the 25-year-old NYC small business, Nova Custom Label Printing is now promoting the creation and use of custom printed safety signs to remind customers and employees to observe proper hygiene protocols as they shop, eat, and work.

“Simple things can go a long way toward defeating this virus,” says Michael Nova, Director of Nova Custom Label Printing, “so some well-placed safety reminders can help keep everyone safe.” From weather-resistant stickers at the front door reminding customers to don masks to signage designating areas to return used carts, these signs can assure customers that a business is doing all that it can to keep everyone from becoming infected with the coronavirus, and/or any other infectious agent.

To help spread the word regarding the use of such signage, Nova recently published an article outlining all the ways businesses can use safety signs without being overly intrusive or offending customers. In this age where anything can be considered controversial, it is important to balance the need for relating important information with objectivity and tact. “Despite the seriousness of this situation, we advise businesses to add a little dash of humor to these signs,” says Nova. “Businesses don’t want to be the ‘hall monitors’ of the neighborhood.The point is to assure customers of safety within buildings,” he adds.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, safety signs are a major ingredient in a business’ successful opening. While wearing a mask does not replace the need to practice social distancing, signs that remind people to wear masks inside the business, keep 6 feet apart, wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and water after using the restroom, and phone the business for curb service if they are feeling ill can promote healthy hygiene habits even well beyond the end of the pandemic.

With the pandemic changing daily habits, there is a need to adapt to a new reality where safety always comes first. Safety signs can help to both protect prospective customers and allow them to feel comfortable shopping at retail locations. These signs, placed prominently within retail establishments can ensure safety of not only customers, but employees as well.

Custom printed labels and specific informational custom-made signs that inform customers that the business has taken extra precautions, such as notices that point out shopping carts have been sanitized, can make even the most fearful shoppers feel at ease. Additionally, businesses using these types of signage to indicate the availability of free disposable masks and hand sanitizer will likely earn customers’ loyalty for focusing on keeping its customers safe.

Nova Custom Label Printing provides custom printed warning labels, hand sanitizer labels, safety labels and other printed solutions for branding, marketing, product labeling, and in-store signage. In preparation for the influx of rush orders, Nova has stepped up its production to where these life-saving signs can be manufactured within hours and shipped the same day to businesses all over the country.

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