NY Koen Group Owned Diamond Private Club Announces Biggest Transaction at The Club Organized Auction

The Diamond Private Club, a subsidiary of the NY Koen Group, has announced that it mediated the largest transaction of its kind at the club organized auction on October 18, 2020. The auction was strictly private. The auction winner, HH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Nahyan has acquired a multicolor collection of 5 precious stones. The collection consisted of 2 greens, one pink, blue and yellow. The stones were set in one of a kind custom jewelry, and each one had a GIA certificate.

The auctions which are held by the club and its partner organizations are a perk available to only those who are a member of the Diamond Private Club. The auctions regularly feature immaculately crafted jewelry and precious stones from world-famous companies in the jewelry industry. Membership in the Diamond Private Club allows participation in these auctions without prior registration and brokerage fees.

Naum Koen, the founder of NY Koen Group, the holding company behind the Diamond Private Club, says about the auctions, “They are a great way to preserve the legacy of rare and valuable jewelry and gemstones. The auction aligns perfectly with our broader goal of creating awareness about the rich history of the diamond industry in the Middle East. For those who are unaware, diamond artisans and merchants flooded Dubai at the turn of the 20th century. We are still reaping the benefits of the strong base that they created. Auctions bring awareness of this rich history by featuring the best that this tradition has to offer. They are also great for members as they get a chance to network with their peers.”

The Diamond Private Club is a closed community of significant manufacturers and distributors of diamonds in the Middle Eastern market. It aims to foster stronger relationships between its members and to give the business of procuring, marketing, and distributing diamonds in the Middle East a boost. They also aim to promote unity between its members. It equips united members to tackle the challenges that may hamper the industry’s overall development. A united front is also better suited to lobby for the industry’s vital interests.

Diamond Private Club is an exclusive group that prides itself on keeping access to the community a privilege. All applications are put through rigorous vetting by the club’s discerning executive board composed of 12 to 20 members of the most experienced players in the Dubai diamond industry. This self-imposed limitation of membership numbers allows it to focus on its current members and better serve them by providing new opportunities to the select few. Special affiliate programs and various exclusive additional services are accessible to the privileged few.

The goal of the group is to get all the influential representatives of the diamond industry in the Middle East onboard to make decisions that will hopefully contribute to the future development of the diamond industry. The Diamond Private Club claims to give its members a seat at the table by networking them with their fellow diamond industry stalwarts. The members contribute to the decision making that will shape the diamond industry’s future. The Diamond Private Club claims to open up many avenues for professional and personal development through the use of training programs, counseling, and coaching.

In addition to the main task of sparking collaborations and increasing camaraderie between its members, the Diamond Private Club also offers its members various knowledge and communication enhancing services such as open evenings and breakfasts, presentations, briefings, sessions, expert reports, and more. These events facilitate networking between the Diamond Private Club’s privileged members. The members get to personally meet and converse with interesting and influential people with shared passions and interests. The event’s goals are to craft a genial, professional, and confidential atmosphere to discuss pressing issues and challenges plaguing the industry.


The club’s history, its goals, and plans are available on its website at http://diamondprivateclub.com/. To find out more about the parent holding company, NY Koen Group, and its founder Nuam Koen, readers can head to their website at http://ny770.group/. NY Koen Group is an international holding company with assets in different industries, including diamonds, amber, business aviation, construction engineering, and IT technology.


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