NY and New Jersey Estate Planning Attorney Matus Law Group Examines Disability Benefits for Special Needs Families with Kathy Dotoli

NEW JERSEY - The Founding Attorney of Matus Law Group Christine Matus releases the 5th episode of Heart to Heart Conversations YouTube series where she discusses the disability benefits for special needs families with the New Jersey social security disability attorney Kathy Dotoli.

The two NJ attorneys explore the legal aspects of medical and monetary benefits available for families with disabilities and the process of applying for them.

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"I am so excited to share with you Kathy Dotoli, she is an attorney that I have known for years, and she has such a gift of helping families, especially those who have a disability, to get them the benefits that they deserve," said Christine Matus, a top-notch New Jersey estate planning lawyer dedicated to helping families plan for life and care for loved ones.

In the Heart to Heart Conversations episode, Mrs. Matus and Mrs. Dotoli discuss the range of benefits available for families with disabilities, the differences between SSD and SSI, and how the attorney can facilitate the process of receiving them.

Mrs. Dotoli has dedicated her career to helping those who are injured or disabled receive the benefits to which they are entitled, even when the insurance companies or government refuse to do so. She's been focusing on compensation law and social security disability law for nearly 25 years bringing her expertise to the table in the latest YouTube episode.

"Today we're going to talk about children who need the disability benefits and it is so important that families know about the benefits that are available through the social security administration," said Mrs. Dotoli.

The attorneys also spoke about the different standards for adults and children when qualifying for disability and how collecting the necessary medical evidence can be crucial for the application process.

"I give them the tools they need to either make the application initially on their own or if they just can't do it, perhaps due to a parent having their own disability, sometimes we will help them do that," shared Mrs. Dotoli who understands that the process can be stressful and overwhelming and the clients should be treated with care and respect.

The full episode of Heart to Heart Conversations premiered on the Matus Law Group’s Facebook page on December 23, 2021. For more episodes check out Mrs. Matus' YouTube channel.

To learn more about Christine Matus' work with families with disabilities and her practice with the Matus Law Group visit Matus Law Group website.

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