NuSmyle Dental: A Dependable Dentist Office Near Me in Logan Utah

When in need of a dentist office near me in Logan, Utah, and neighboring areas like River Heights, Providence and North Logan, people may be able depend on Dr. Edwin Hurst of NuSmyle Dental. People suffering from toothache, tooth decay, dental abscess, etc. can go to this Logan dental office that is owned and operated by Dr. Hurst, who has three decades of experience as a dentist. During that period, he has achieved an expertise in oral surgery, root canals, implants, periodontal surgery, and dental crowns and bridges. More about the dental practice can be gleaned by checking out their press releases in their media room at

Dr. Edwin Hurst says, “We have always worked hard and done our best to provide expert dental services to the residents of Logan and surrounding areas. Whether it is just routine cleaning or they are complex dental services, including the complimentary cancer screenings of the mouth, head and neck that we include for some services, we always strive to do our best. On top of that, we have one of the only FDA-approved dental lasers to better serve our patients.”

Through the general dentistry and family dentistry services offered by Dr. Hurst, he provides crowns, cosmetic dentistry, fillings, dentures, bridges, implants, extractions, veneers, teeth whitening, gum treatment, and root canals. Dr. Hurst offers dental crowns that are considered to be leading edge. He explains that a dental crown is useful due to several reasons, such as when there is cracked or leaking teeth, worn-down teeth, deep tooth decay, or developmental issues with the patient’s teeth. He always makes sure that the nerve for that particular tooth is healthy before making a crown. He ensures that by conducting a number of tests before anesthetization. He will then remove all the decay and old material until a solid tooth structure is achieved. He then builds up the tooth using completely new material. One such material is the superiorly attractive zirconia known as the Katana that makes the crown appear very real.

For tooth decay, Dr. Hurst provides dental fillings for those tooth cavities that vary in size from small to medium. He will apply a dental filling that is constructed from a composite material that has silica particles embedded in a light activated resin. This composite material is very strong and long-lasting and its color is very similar to that a natural tooth to ensure that the tooth will still look natural and attractive.

Meanwhile, dental bridges can provide a solution for missing teeth. Bridges are one of the better alternatives for filling an open space or gap between teeth, and they are still utilized quite frequently despite the emergence of implants. NuSmyle Dental offers very durable and strong zirconia dental bridges for the posterior areas. For they anterior areas, where looks are an important consideration, they will utilize layered zirconia for the desired combination of great aesthetics and strength.

Of course, Dr. Hurst also offers tooth extractions, including wisdom teeth removal. For extractions, he makes sure that patients experience minimal pain. He applies his years of experience in using in-house sedation and various anesthesia alternatives. The sedation and anesthesia choices are: local anesthetic, nitrous oxide gas, oral sedation, and general anesthesia. He has observed that most patients opt for one or a combination of the first three.

NuSmyle Dental also provides implants, which serve as artificial roots in the upper or lower jaw of the patient. The implant is used to support a natural-looking artificial tooth or a denture. When these dentures are attached to a dental implant, they are provided with a more stable and stronger base, which prevents them from moving or shifting when the patient is eating, talking, or doing something else. Thus, dentures are more comfortable to wear, especially the lower dentures, when they are supported by an implant.

Those who are in need of the general dentistry and family dental services provided by NuSmyle Dental may want to check out their website, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They are open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Those who have already tried their dental services and want to provide a review can do so at

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