Nurse Staffing Agency Advantage Medical Professionals Named Top Workplace In The Greater New Orleans Area

Nurse staffing agency in New Orleans, Advantage Medical Professionals has been named one of the top places to work at by The Times-Picayune and The New Orleans Advocate.

The Times-Picayune and The New Orleans Advocate is a newspaper that has been operational since the 19th century. In 2021 it picked 70 private, public, non-profit, and government entities as the top workplaces to work at based on employee feedback gathered through anonymous surveys. 2021 was the 7th year for the survey. The survey was carried out by Energage, Philadelphia-based employee research and consulting firm that is at the forefront of employee engagement tools. Any company in the seven-parish metro area with 35 or more employees was eligible to compete in the awards. The surveys looked at employee culture and its effects on productivity, employee retention, and career satisfaction.

CEO of Advantage Medical Professionals, Joe Spitale, reacted to the award by saying, “We are very proud to have been selected as a Top Workplace for the Greater New Orleans Area for nurses. We know that great companies are great not because of their size or their years in business, but rather they are great because of their people. We work hard to hire and retain people. Integrity is the number one thing we look for in everyone who currently works with us and for everyone that we bring into our company. Skills and experience are important, but without integrity, skills and experience become trivial.”

Spitale also expounded on the importance of the company’s corporate culture by saying, “We are proud of the fact that we have many people who have been with us for 20+ years. We have enjoyed dramatic growth over the years, but in spite of our growth, we have been able to hold onto a lot of the family culture that is so important to us. We are all very proud of our past and we are all very excited about our future. I am thrilled to be a part of this great team.”

For clients, Advantage Medical Professionals provides custom-match placement services such as supplemental staffing, in-home staffing, and workplace nurse staffing. Clients choose the staffing agency because of the caliber of nurses that the agency is able to provide them. The staffing agency maintains strict control over the credentialing, selection, and placement process ensuring that the clients only receive the highest quality professionals that match the needs of the assignment and are able to deliver on the work they were hired to do. The company works with the client to consult them on their needs and to address their staffing challenges. They provide 24/7 staffing and clinical support to all clients to ease them through the process of using an external staffing agency. Since the staffing agency is an employee-based firm, all of its clinicians are covered by malpractice, insurance, worker’s compensation, and are bonded.

For nurses and clinicians, the company offers competitive pay rates, a wide range of assignments for different skill sets, and a streamlined onboarding process. The company also boasts robust benefits and perks for its clinicians such as health coverage, ancillary insurance, pet insurance, direct paycheck deposits, daily pay, travel compensation, professional insurance, government assistance, referral bonuses, and employee assistance programs.

The company has over 35 years of experience in the medical staffing industry. It is Joint Commission Certified. The certification from the Joint Commission signifies that the company upholds the highest standards in staffing for healthcare organizations. It is a member of the ASA (American Staffing Association) and was shortlisted to LWCC’s (Louisiana Worker’s Compensation Corporation) Safest 70 initiative. The company has also partnered with The DAISY Foundation and implemented The DAISY Award program to recognize the high performers amongst its nurses.

The company can be reached at the phone number (504) 456-0073 for all inquiries.


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