Number One Pest Control Provides Pest Control Services to Claremont, California

Number One Pest Control is the newest pest control company in Claremont, California. The company has already hundreds of people and has a lot of great reviews for their services. They offer a team of exterminators who have been professionally trained on how to treat every species of pest in the area. Their staff is very helpful and friendly.

The company has three major services. Their custom treatments are their most popular. These are what make the company stand out from the rest of the pest control companies in the area. Each treatment is custom designed to handle the specific pest it is meant to treat. The president of the company went on to talk more about their custom treatments, “These treatments are next level compared to all other outdated treatments that other companies offer. They allow us to provide the most reliable and affordable services in the area. This allows us to offer effective results and long-lasting protection.

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Number One Pest Control also provides routine checkups. These treatments are also extremely popular because they prevent pest infestations from ever happening in the future. Why wait for a pest infestation to happen and then try to fix the problem when the infestation could’ve been prevented from ever even happening. Their team of exterminators go to the target property and will take all of the preventative measures to make sure that pests never invade the property in the future.

Finally, their emergency services are useful for when people are caught in a dangerous situation with wild or distressed animals or dangerous pests. It is never a good idea for people to try and take care of these situations on their own. Always call a professional to help handle the dangerous situation in the safest way possible. Safety is our number one concern when helping the families and business owners of Los Angeles County.

The company has already helped hundreds of local residents with both residential and commercial properties. If anyone thinks they have a pest problem they should contact Number One Pest Control today. They can be reached by phone or on their website at Their hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays.

An employee of the company once said, “Pests are very dangerous to have in a property. They can spread extremely quickly so if people believe they might have a pest infestation on their property they should contact a professional before the problem gets even worse.


For more information about Number One Pest Control, contact the company here:

Number One Pest Control
Number One Pest Control
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