Number of Patients Awaiting Liver Transplants Skyrocketed During the Pandemic Legacy Healing Center Responds With Effective Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder

Margate, FL - The number of patients in need of liver transplants increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Preliminary data reveals a potential correlation between an increase in alcohol consumption during the same period as people sought ways to cope with stress and anxiety related to the pandemic.

Multiple reports and studies show an apparent link between increased alcohol sales and binge drinking and the sudden increase in people awaiting liver transplants. The number of people who are waiting for life-saving liver transplants rose by 50 percent more than expected according to a Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) study which correlated with a 54 percent increase in alcohol sales.

Alcohol has a well-documented damaging effect on the liver and when the liver begins to fail under the stress of heavy and binge drinking, especially over years of drinking, it can lead to alcohol hepatitis – a condition where the liver can’t break down alcohol leading to toxic chemicals that kill healthy liver cells and cause severe inflammation.

A survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) revealed that 1 in 5 people relied on heavy drinking to cope with the pandemic. A study by Rand Corp. further revealed the extent of the increase in alcohol consumption showing a 14 percent increase during the pandemic.

These alarming statistics and the rapid increase in patients waiting for liver transplants further solidify the need for effective treatment for alcohol use disorder.

“The disease of addiction metastasized in isolation,” said CEO and Chief Clinical Officer of Legacy Healing Center, David Levin. “While in quarantine, we are especially vulnerable and susceptible to alcoholism, depression, anxiety, and relapse because of the isolation, because of the quarantine, because of the fear.”

To be eligible for a liver transplant, a person must first show that they are overcoming their alcohol use disorder. Legacy Healing Center, a world-class addiction treatment center with locations in South Florida and New Jersey, provides effective treatment for alcohol addiction. They encourage anyone suffering from alcohol use disorder to seek treatment before irreparable damage is done to their liver and other systems.

Alcohol use disorder is a treatable mental health condition that has severe health implications. With the help of accredited alcohol addiction treatment centers like Legacy Healing Center, the life-changing help needed to beat alcohol addiction is available. Anyone in need of treatment for alcohol or drug addiction can speak with a specialist at any time by calling (888) 534-2295. Visit to learn more.


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