Nsravl Holiday Success Dec 2020 Discusses A Recipe For Fighting Addiction

NSR of Asheville is an Extended Care and Sober Living Treatment Community for Men in Asheville, North Carolina. It provides customized addiction treatment programs for men between 18 to 40 years of age who are recovering from substance abuse and mental health disorders. They have released an article aimed at helping vulnerable men get through the holiday season. The article can be read at https://NSRofAsheville/a-recipe-for-holiday-success-2020/.

According to the article, even in the best of times, holidays can be daunting with the logistical challenges of getting everyone around the table, avoiding the topics that can ruin a meal, and the pressure of living up to often unreasonable expectations. Along with the global pandemic, a hotly contested election, and a family member or friend in early recovery, there are all the indications that a peaceful holiday gathering can turn into a mess; however, it is possible to avoid this mess with some thought and careful planning.


The first ingredient of the “recipe,” is an ounce of prevention. The article says this is critical, especially when there isn’t a cure for the pandemic yet. It encourages celebrating the holidays virtually. If anyone is planning to gather with people outside their household, they should consider CDC holiday recommendations to reduce their risk of spreading or contracting COVID-19.

The article also says that holiday prevention measures should include avoiding potential relapse triggers. The best way to avoid them is to identify them ahead of time. If someone doesn’t know what they are, they can always ask. This may even involve eliminating the traditional holiday toast or forgoing the family rum ball recipe or hosting the holiday party earlier in the day.

The next ingredient of the recipe is a dash of common sense. If someone is going to spend the holidays with someone in recovery, they should consider removing substances from the menu. If alcohol is going to be present, it shouldn’t be made the focal point and festive non-alcoholic options must be present. The holidays are stressful for those who are rebuilding their lives in early recovery. This is definitely the time to practice compassion and to let some things go including any unreasonable expectations.

The next ingredient of the recipe is a pinch of planning. One of the first things NSR of Asheville does is help participants develop a relapse prevention plan. This is critical for maintaining sobriety after leaving the safety of a controlled treatment setting. Life can be challenging, but meeting these challenges is easier when someone has considered potential pitfalls, planned alternate routes, and established lifelines they can reach out to for support.

The next ingredient is a cup of self-care. According to the article, extra social obligations, shopping, and over-the-top expectations can leave one exhausted by the time the actual holiday comes around. So, it says to be sure to get enough sleep, eat balanced and nutritious meals, exercise regularly, and take time to de-stress throughout the holidays. To the degree possible, continue supportive routines like therapy, attending AA or NA meetings, and connecting with friends and sponsors. More details about the treatment program can be read on its website at https://NSRofAsheville.org/.

The final ingredient is a helping of gratitude. The article says that cultivating an, “attitude of gratitude,” makes every situation better. Practicing gratitude has been associated with a host of benefits including greater happiness, improved health, stronger relationships, and resilience in the face of adversity. To realize these benefits, one must make gratitude an active process where they focus on giving thanks.


The program at NSR of Asheville helps young men readapt to a sober lifestyle. Many men recovering from addiction suffer from a feeling of post-detox directionlessness. They combat that with a sense of camaraderie and a daily routine that helps to reestablish a normal rhythm. The program claims that they always provide ongoing clinical support. The program realizes that the fight against addiction is never easy. To make sure that they don’t have to handle it alone, NSR of Asheville creates a network of friends, mentors, and role models that young men need to beat addiction for good. A quick review of their sober living facilities can be read on their website at https://NSRofAsheville.org/sober-living/.


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