NSR of Asheville, Sober Living Environment for Men In Ashevile Is Offering Mens Addiction Support Free From Stigma Of Substance Abuse

NSR Of Asheville, a sober living environment for men is offering a stigma-free addiction recovery program for men. Interested participants can read more about their Extended Care Recovery program at www.NSRofAsheville.org/. The program states that their goal is to equip young men suffering from addiction with the tools for happy, healthy lives.

The program claims to offer a judgment-free zone for men to come together and help each other through their problems with substance abuse. Substance abuse challenges are best addressed with unique solutions. NSR of Asheville’s program helps men reclaim lives of meaning, value, and responsibility. Their addiction treatment programs for men facilitate the transition from detox or inpatient rehab to lifelong self-sufficiency. They use a combination of clinical therapy, structure, and community to establish order amidst the mental chaos of addiction recovery.

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The program helps young men readapt to a sober lifestyle. Many men recovering from addiction suffer from a feeling of post-detox directionlessness. They combat that with a sense of camaraderie and a daily routine that helps to reestablish a normal rhythm. The program always provides ongoing clinical support. The program realizes that the fight against addiction is never easy. To make sure that they don’t have to handle it alone, NSR of Asheville creates a network of friends, mentors, and role models that the young men need to beat their addictions for good. A quick review of their sober living facilities can be read on their website at www.NSRofAsheville.org/sober-living/.

The facility offers access to both intensive outpatient programs and sober living programs that aim to make a habit out of a healthy lifestyle. NSR of Asheville claims that young men learn the skills to integrate newfound sobriety into real life. The program offers a chance for them to make lasting friendships that help support healthy choices for years to come. The program offers treatments like extended care and a sober living environment, outdoor wilderness adventure, case management & relapse prevention, accessible intensive outpatient therapy, life skill learning, career-building classes, and certified peer recovery support specialists. NSR of Asheville offers a combination of proven treatment methods such as a 12 Steps Program, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Apart from that they also use adventure therapy, yoga, meditation, and martial arts to help bring joy to the recovery process, help replace old habits with healthy new ones, and reconnect the young men with who they are.

They provide various customer testimonials that vouch for the service that they provide. A testimonial from Z.A. says, “I am so grateful for NSR of Asheville and all the staff members. This is definitely the place I needed to come after I got out of treatment. Here I got connected to the recovery community in Asheville and made some good friends here at the houses. They have not only taught me what I need to do to stay clean but I have learned so many life lessons while I was here. I will stay in contact with them because this place has given me my life back and for that, I am so grateful!”

Another testimonial by a B.D. who was a resident at the facility says, “NSR of Asheville is a safe place with people I not only consider a great staff but also have come to love as family. They treated me with love, compassion, and respect. They helped me see things I couldn't; helped me grow as a person and changed my perspective on many topics. The people at NSR of Asheville will forever hold a special place in my heart.”


The program has its own code of ethics that is defined by its rules to respect human rights and dignity, ensuring the integrity of all professional relationships, acting to alleviate personal distress and suffering, enhancing and increasing the quality of professional knowledge and its application, appreciating the diversity of human experiences and cultures, and advocating for the fair and adequate provision of services. Interested participants can read more about their code of ethics at http://www.NSRofAsheville.org/code-of-ethics/.


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