NSR Of Asheville, One Of The Best Sober Living Homes For Men In 2021

NSR of Asheville of North Carolina is an Extended Care Recovery and Sober Living Housing Program for Men in the Asheville Community. They provide a structured program for men between 18 to 40 years of age who are seeking recovery from substance use disorder. Read more about their Extended Care Recovery Program at https://NSRofAsheville.org/.

Susan Stader, the Executive Director for NSR of Asheville says, “The trail up the mountain from addict to contributing member of society is full of thorns and pitfalls. Yours may even have creatures of self-contempt lying in wait for you along the way. You’re going to have to fight through all of it. A life of self-sufficiency is the ultimate goal. Our transitional living program supports young men in the attainment of that goal. As we say, recovery is an adventure. We encourage young men who are suffering from addiction to take the journey with us. You can lean on the NSR of Asheville as your support network while you work towards sustainable sobriety. You don’t have to make the climb back to a life of meaning by yourself, but you do have to start. We help you by nudging you in the correct direction.”

Best Sober Living Homes for Men 2021

NSR of Asheville is more than sober living housing. They have an extended care model that provides valuable services and programs which result in higher rates of success than the typical, traditional sober living home. The program has peer support specialists, career skills, and an array of programs and services that are customized to individual needs. Some programs and services they provide include 12 steps, adventure programs, transportation, job skills training, life skills learning, accessibility to intensive outpatient therapy, and more. Their successful extended care model combined with the peaceful atmosphere in the scenic mountains of Asheville, NC, leads to overall well-being. Pictures of the sober living housing and premises can be viewed at https://NSRofAsheville.org/galleries/.

The program offers a judgment-free zone for men to come together and help each other through their problems with substance abuse. Substance abuse challenges are best addressed with unique solutions. Through their program, they help men reclaim lives of meaning, value, and responsibility. Their addiction treatment programs for men facilitate the transition from detox or inpatient rehab to lifelong self-sufficiency. They use a combination of clinical therapy, structure, and community to establish order amidst the mental chaos of addiction recovery.

The program’s addiction programs equip men with interpersonal skills that can help to repair relationships. According to the program’s observations, in a family unit, the one who is addicted is not the only one that needs healing. Addiction takes a tremendous toll on families who often struggle for years with the emotional, financial, and physical consequences of untreated addiction. Recovery often includes a relapse, job loss, and tumultuous relationships. These patterns can rapidly snowball particularly when families don’t get support for their own recovery process. Even the best recovery programs can fail to heal long-standing family trauma without complete buy-in.

According to a testimonial by Z.B., “NSR of Asheville was exactly what I needed in the early stages of my recovery! I spent so many years of my life hiding behind a bottle, and I couldn’t take it anymore! Susan and her staff helped me to get back on my feet and start the process of moving on and loving life without the use of alcohol or drugs. After my 3 months here, I chose to stay in Asheville and continue to work on myself, with their guidance. I couldn’t imagine my life today if I was still stuck in my old ways, Thank you NSR of Asheville!” Another testimonial by T.A. says “This is the longest I have ever been clean and NSR of Asheville is the reason for that. It has provided me with a safe place to begin my recovery.”

Further information about the support groups offered at the NSR of Asheville can be read at https://NSRofAsheville.org/addiction-support-services/.



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