NSR Of Asheville Is Offering Sober Living Facility Services That You Can Trust In North Carolina

NSR of Asheville offers extended care and a sober living facility for men in Asheville, North Carolina. The facility aims to give men the tools to make long-term sustainable changes in their lives to combat addiction. The program seeks to build trust with those suffering from addiction in order to break down the mental barriers that keep them from starting on the road to recovery. You can find out more about NSR of Asheville on its website at https://NSRofAsheville.org/.

A spokesperson for NSR of Asheville, Susan Stader says, “We have helped thousands of men fight their crippling addictions and get a new lease on life. Our experience has taught us valuable lessons that only help us to better serve everyone that walks in through our doors. We are not just a sober living facility; we are much more than that. We realize that fighting addiction is a lifelong commitment. That is why our efforts are focused on providing extended recovery care that will help men their entire life. The goal is to give them the tools that allow them to make better decisions and get a handle on the root causes of their addiction. If you or someone you love is fighting the battle with their demons, please reach out to us and find out how we can help you. Call us today at 828-350-9960 or head over to the contact form on our website.”


Men with addiction are looked down on by society and subjected to ridicule, humiliation, and isolation, sometimes even by their own family members. NSR of Asheville says that it aims to change this perception of addiction by treating all its clients with the respect and dignity that they deserve. This is important as the first step in assisting someone in fighting their addiction, is to instill hope and self-respect within them. It is only when they realize their self-worth that they make an effort to identify that their addiction doesn’t define or control them. To achieve this restoration of identity and self-respect, the NSR of Asheville says that it abides by certain ethical principles that are essential for recovery. These values are honesty, integrity, respect, and personal responsibility. These values make the foundation on which all of the treatment programs at NSR of Asheville are based. Clients can read more about the code of ethics that NSR of Asheville follows by going to the webpage: https://NSRofAsheville.org/code-of-ethics/.

NSR of Asheville recognizes and honors basic human rights for anyone who is going through recovery. The first of these is the recognition that addiction is complicated and those suffering from it deserve the same compassion that is reserved for those suffering from other physical ailments. Those suffering from addiction also have the right to be viewed as individuals who are separate from their afflictions and having the potential to change and grow as productive members of society. They also have the right to be free of judgment and the stigma that is the usual response from members of society who don’t understand the nature of addiction. NSR of Asheville also recognizes the right to the hope of being able to turn around one’s situation through adequate support from friends, family, and the community. They also say that everyone has the right to education about the disease of addiction, relapse prevention, and healthy coping strategies.


NSR of Asheville also recognizes that not everyone’s journey is a straight line from addiction to recovery. There are ups and downs that one has to face as everyone’s situation in life is different and what worked for one person might not work for another. It also recognizes that everyone has the right to be free from the trauma and mental illness that occur with addiction. Finally, the NSR of Asheville recognizes the right of everyone suffering from addiction to reenter society with respect and dignity and defining the journey of the rest of their lives. Clients can read more about the rights on the webpage at https://NSRofAsheville.org/right-to-addiction-recovery/.


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