"Now I Have Reclaimed My Life": Woman Uncovers the Root of Her Addiction Through Muse Treatment Center in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA – People who complete one of the many addiction recovery programs at Muse often comment that they feel like they just concluded a trip to visit family. In this way, the extended family of Muse Treatment Center continues to grow. California local, Shann, recently completed her in-patient drug rehab program with Muse and was eager to boast about her experience by leaving the addiction treatment center a 5-star review on Google. Shann says, “Muse Treatment is more than just a treatment program, the staff treats everyone like family.”

Alcohol and drug addiction are multidimensional, having both physical and psychological implications. While trying to overcome addiction, if any underlying mental health disorder is present and goes unidentified, it will remain untreated and continue to be a driver of addictive behavior. This can ultimately lead to relapse if a person resumes using alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism for the hidden mental health battle. This is a dangerous, but very preventable cycle. Shann expressed her gratitude to Muse for opening her eyes to the underlying conditions that contributed to her addiction.

Shann credits her successful recovery to Muse’s dual diagnosis approach to alcohol and drug rehab. Dual diagnosis treatment gives special attention to the internal causes of addiction through individual therapy sessions and other personalized approaches, instead of simply managing general withdrawal symptoms. Shann explained, “The knowledge I gained about the root of my past mistakes has given me a second chance at life!”

Attempting to navigate the path towards recovery alone can feel impossible. The staff at Muse prides itself in being empathetic and actively supportive on every step of each patient’s journey. Shann has now joined the ranks of many who have been able to experience the genuine care and attention provided by the Muse team. Shann says, “The positive experience has given me hope. Strong bonds have been forged.”

Like many before her, Shann entered Muse Treatment Center “feeling all is lost”. Hopelessness is one of those feelings that drain all motivation or will to fight. Thankfully, Shann was able to muster the courage to call Muse and come in and start a new page for her life. It truly does take courage to make the decision to seek help for alcohol and drug addiction, but Shann feels she couldn’t have made a better choice.

Shann has returned home and is building a revived life of gratitude and joy. She can now confidently declare, “Now I have reclaimed my life.”

For anyone struggling with substance abuse, Muse is available for 24/7 support. Call 800-426-1818 to learn more, join the Muse family, and regain hope for a better life.


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