Norwood, OH Exterminators Providing Bed Bug Control

There is one pest that has been rising in numbers across the state of Ohio and it puts both homes and businesses at risk. This pest is bed bugs. These tiny, apple-seed sized bugs are known for feeding on people while they sleep. When a professional is needed in the Norwood, OH area, contact Easy Bed Bug Control.

The company is providing bed bug control solutions to properties throughout the Hamilton County area. “While many people have not had to experience a problem with this particular pest, it’s important to be aware of it so one can better protect themselves from developing a bed bug problem,” the manager said.

The problem is that traditional treatment methods do not work on bed bugs. There are products that a person can buy in a store that is created to treat bed bugs, but oftentimes these are temporary solutions.

We have the professional solutions required to completely resolve a bed bug problem. Most of the at-home solutions are temporary and can help reduce the population, but can take much longer (and cost more) to completely eliminate on your own,” the manager added.

Bed bugs can be acquired from many places. For people that travel out of state or across the world frequently, inspecting luggage and hotel rooms is always recommended. These little pests will hide in a suitcase or a person’s belongings, hitchhiking to the next destination.

This is often how we end up with bed bugs. We carried them home somehow and because we didn’t think to look for them before or after our trip, they go unseen. This results in the bed bugs multiplying and spreading. Unfortunately they’re great hiders so they’re not likely to be ‘accidentally’ noticed since they emerge while you’re asleep,” the manager said.

The company advises doing regular inspections if you travel a lot or frequent places where hundreds of people visit everyday; restaurants, public transit, etc. Doing so can help avoid an infestation and when the bugs are suspected, a professional Norwood bed bug exterminator should be contacted right away.

The most popular treatment methods are chemical treatments and heat treatments. A pest professional will be able to determine which method is necessary for each individual case. “Once we inspect your property for bed bugs and determine the scope of the issue we can recommend the best course of action,” the manager added.

To schedule a bed bug inspection in Norwood, OH or to learn more about Easy Bed Bug Control’s services, they can be contacted by phone or by visiting their website. They answer calls 24/7 so if an emergency is present, they’re the company to call.


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