Northpoint Washington Talks About Parents and Addiction

Edmonds, WA — Northpoint Washington, based in Edmonds, would like to reach out to the wider public and give advice to parents who are trying to help their children who are suffering from addiction. The organization hopes that this will give communities the insight they need to tackle such issues more effectively.

It is extremely difficult for parents to have to watch their child fall into addiction. More often than not, they feel helpless and do not actually understand what caused their children’s addiction. Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon, as many parents have had to witness their children struggle through each day due to substance use. However, many hold the belief that parents should not give up on their children. In fact, there are a number of treatment centers that are ready to provide assistance with bringing people to the road of recovery.

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Those who are concerned whether their children are using alcohol or drugs can watch out for certain signs. However, they must also keep in mind that people suffering from alcohol or drug use usually try to hide their behavior. Signs of alcohol use disorder include drinking even when risks are involved, drunk driving, difficulty with handling responsibilities due to alcohol consumption, injuries after drinking, blackouts, and memory loss. On the other hand, signs of drug use include glazed or bloodshot eyes, weight fluctuations, body bruises, mood shifts, depression. and anxiety. Drug and alcohol use are dangerous issues that should not be ignored. People who misuse substances may claim that they can stop using them whenever they want to, but the reality is they are actually at serious risk of falling into addiction.

Use disorders and addiction are both dangerous, but they are actually not the same. Those suffering from addiction become dependent on the substances that they use. Addiction alters the brain in such a way that makes substances a normal part of life. Addiction victims are no longer able to refrain from using the substances that they have become addicted to. At this point, drug use can no longer be controlled, and help from drug treatment centers is needed. Due to this, it is important for their friends and loved ones to be able to recognize the signs of addiction. These signs include spending time with different groups of people, financial problems, frequent lethargy, and legal problems related to substance use.

Parents who are worried about their children’s substance use or addiction can request assistance from Northpoint Washington. The organization has long made it their mission to provide this vital service, and their effectiveness is evident in the feedback they have received from the families they have helped.

Those interested in Northpoint Washington and their substance use treatment programs can learn more visiting the organization’s official website. They may contact the organization directly via phone or email as well.


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