Northpoint Washington Publishes New Blog About Ambien Misuse and Side Effects

Edmonds, WA: Northpoint Washington is a rehab center that offers individualized and evidence-based treatment for drug and alcohol misuse and addiction. Utilizing industry-leading practices that set patients up for long-term success and recovery, Northpoint Washington offers a unique integrated approach to substance use treatment.

The treatment facility’s philosophy is heavily based around an integrated approach. This means that Northpoint Washington commits itself to ensure each illness and disorder, whether a client has both substance use and mental health disorders or just one, is properly diagnosed and addressed through a customized treatment plan.

Ambien side effects

Approaching treatment through an integrated approach involves addressing deeper psychological roots of mental health disorders and substance misuse. By addressing the underlying issues, Northpoint Washington is able to treat each patient as a whole, instead of simply treating surface level issues.

Northpoint Washington publishes a blog called One Day, that provides patients and visitors with up-to-date information about addiction, various substances and their side effects, and motivational pieces to support successful recoveries. Recently, the rehab facility has published a new blog called “Sleepless in Seattle: Understanding Ambien® Side Effects and Misuse.” This piece offers readers information about the history of Ambien and the consequences of Ambien misuse.

While recounting a brief history of various hypnotic drugs and an examination of how Ambien came to be, Northpoint Washington points out that Ambien was created out of a desire for a sleep aid that would have fewer severe side effects. Popular sleep aids prior to the release of Ambien included various barbiturates and benzodiazepines. While effective at helping individuals get to sleep, these drugs sometimes did their job a little too well, causing daytime drowsiness, not to mention the concern about addiction potential.

In short-term uses, the blog notes that Ambien is largely safe, especially when properly supervised and managed by a medical professional. However, the risk of experiencing severe side effects can increase when Ambien is used for a long period of time or used recreationally, according to the publication.

Ambien is perhaps most infamous for its side effects of unconscious behaviors that can include sleepwalking, sleep-eating, and even sleep-driving. Individuals who experience these side effects do not usually remember conducting these activities and can get themselves into potentially dangerous situations.

As the piece notes, individuals who turn to Ambien for recreational use are putting themselves at risk for experiencing more serious and unpleasant side effects. Misusing the drug for a long period of time can induce hallucinations, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and lead to a physical and mental dependence.

Integrated and personalized treatment is available at Northpoint Washington for individuals who wish to receive treatment for Ambien misuse and addiction. Interested parties may contact Northpoint Washington by visiting their website or by calling (425) 947-5013.


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