Northpoint Washington Publishes Blogs Related To Addiction and Drug Use

Edmonds, WA: Northpoint Washington is a leader in drug and alcohol addiction treatment throughout the Pacific Northwest. At Northpoint Washington’s treatment center, they provide personalized drug and alcohol treatment programming for each patient. This treatment center’s philosophy is based on an integrated approach to treatment.

This approach to treatment is intended to address both the physical dependence caused by addiction as well as the underlying psychological conditions that come from addiction. Northpoint Washington explains that their goal is to set patients up for life-long sobriety. The organization applies integrated treatment that addresses both the cause and effects of substance use disorders in order to provide effective support for the life-long recovery goal.

Woman staying sober while stressed.

Northpoint Washington’s integrated treatment services include: dual diagnosis, medicated detox, strength-based therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, one-on-one counseling, holistic treatment, mindfulness, and meditation.

Their inpatient program involves a 28-day stay at their secure residential facility with access to 24/7 professional medical support, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and dual diagnosis. Patients who enter into this program will undergo detox and rehab treatment followed by aftercare, which is a “specialized outpatient treatment strategy,” according to Northpoint Washington’s website.

In order to assist patients and others affected by addiction, Northpoint Washington maintains a blog on their website called, Day One. The mission of this blog, as explained by the rehab center, is to provide “news, information, and motivation to help navigate through the recovery journey from drug and alcohol addiction.”

The blog publishes pieces that span a variety of topics. These topics range from discussing the types of cutting agents in cocaine and their effects on a user to whether it is a good idea to quit smoking marijuana cold turkey. This blog serves as another medium through which Northpoint Washington disseminates clear information to substance users and affected family members and friends alike.

One of the most recently published blogs is a piece titled, The Scary Truth About What Meth Does To Your Mind and Body Over Time. The piece focuses on informing its readers about the dangers of meth use and the physical toll that regular, continued use has on a person. The article offers many visual examples by using before and after photos of several crystal meth users.

As the blog explains in greater detail, prolonged use of crystal meth can result in sores scattered across the face and body that are aggravated through excessive skin picking, rotting teeth and gums, and malnutrition.

Besides informing the reader about the negative consequences of continued crystal meth use, the blog also examines the ins and outs of methamphetamine and its crystal form. The publication mentions common street names for powder and crystal meth (ice, blue, chalk, cinnamon, speed, shards) and provides some insight into the manufacturing of the illicit drug.

At its conclusion, the blog warns regular meth users that quitting suddenly and all at once, also referred to as “quitting cold turkey,” can be extremely dangerous. Withdrawal will likely be an overwhelming experience. Relapse is also likely to occur along with a potentially fatal overdose as a result of a quick relapse.

Northpoint Washington encourages individuals struggling with an addiction to meth to seek professional treatment. The rehab center notes that professional treatment provides an environment in which a user can enter into a supportive environment and find themselves surrounded by peers who are in a similar position.

Northpoint Washington offers individualized addiction treatment plans with an integrated care approach to each patient who enrolls in their program. All treatment plans are developed with a patient’s mental health needs and background in mind.

Those interested in learning more about addiction treatment offerings or learning more from the Day One blog can visit Northpoint Washington’s website or call (888) 409-1256 to connect with a staff member.


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