Northpoint Recovery Offers Treatment For Most Misused Substance: Alcohol

Boise, Idaho—While ranking below the national average among states, Idaho still reports that alcohol remains the number one substance misused by Idahoans. This data is supported by Northpoint Recovery’s experience as an accredited inpatient treatment center both by its own records and a third-party healthcare evaluator.

Northpoint Recovery points to its commitment to provide ethical, effective, and caring practices and transparency of its program as the primary factors in seeking out a recent evaluation by Seattle, Washington-based Milliman Care Guidelines, which vets program effectiveness. Milliman tracked a group for one year after inpatient treatment and noted a 75% negative drug screening.

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Alcohol use was the substance treated most, with 51% of Northpoint Recovery patients, which matches state figures.

These statewide figures were provided from the Substance Abuse Prevention Needs Assessment, a collaborative project led by Idaho’s State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW), through the Office of Drug Policy. Data indicated that while drinking might ebb and flow a bit in frequency, it was non-discriminatory between men and women, geographic location, and ages. Heavy use of alcohol tended to be lowest between the ages of 45-54 at 4%, but higher percentages among younger and older users, specifically with ages 55-64 at 7% heavy alcohol use, before once again dropping to 4% for those 65 and older.

The detox and rehab program at Northpoint Recovery is an all-encompassing approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The 28-day inpatient program offers full-time accommodation at the facility while patients undergo addiction treatment and therapy.


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