Northpoint Colorado Treatment Center Offers Useful Information on Alcohol Withdrawal

Loveland, Colo. — Northpoint Colorado, an addiction and mental health treatment center, recently published a blog post on alcohol withdrawal and how those suffering from an alcohol dependency can overcome it.

"We like to refer to alcohol withdrawal as a ‘beast that can be beaten,’" a Northpoint Colorado spokesperson said, "and our new blog post has a lot of good information on how to handle potentially dangerous alcohol withdrawal symptoms.”

The Northpoint Colorado blog post starts by quoting an anonymous client’s experience with alcohol withdrawal. It then goes on to describe signs that indicate a person is most likely drinking too much, and it defines excessive drinking, which may be heavy drinking or binge drinking.

The post details the various ways excessive drinking can harm one’s health. This includes causing such adverse health conditions as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, and even digestive problems. Those struggling with alcohol addiction also stand a better chance of getting breast, mouth, throat, esophagus, voice box, liver, colon, and rectum cancers, and often suffer from weakened immune systems, learning and memory problems, and mental health problems. Excessive drinking may inevitably lead to alcohol use disorder, the medical term for alcoholism.

The treatment facility’s blog post describes what alcohol withdrawal is and why people begin to suffer from it. Some of the warning signs that someone is having alcohol withdrawal include shakiness or tremors, headaches, and feeling agitated or on edge. Alcohol withdrawal can also be responsible for sleep disturbances, changes in vital signs, a racing heart, high blood pressure, and skipped heartbeats. Other potential alcohol withdrawal symptoms include nausea or vomiting, anxiousness, and emotional distress.

The blog post wraps up by going over how accredited treatment facilities such as Northpoint Colorado can provide a safe place for people who are struggling with alcohol addiction and the related alcohol withdrawal symptoms that often accompany the effort to stop drinking.

Those that have sought help from Northpoint Colorado for alcohol-related problems have been very complimentary of the treatment they received. As one client wrote, “After struggling for a couple of years with alcoholism and manic depression, I finally hit my breaking point and made the decision to get help. Northpoint was absolutely the right decision. As soon as I arrived, the admissions team and nursing staff made sure to help me feel safe and comfortable. Throughout my time there, I was able to open up about my issues and triggers in a safe and welcoming environment. I also learned all of the skills that were necessary for me to succeed once I had been discharged. The staff was always professional, helpful, and caring about everything, no matter how big or small. Northpoint hands down helped me out of the darkest period of my life.”

Northpoint Colorado has established a strong reputation when it comes to helping people struggling with various forms of addiction. Northpoint offers personalized detox, rehab, and recovery programs at their 64-bed facility in Loveland, Colo. To learn more about Northpoint Colorado's treatment services, contact the facility by phone or their website message form.


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