Northpoint Ashwood Keys Benefits to Quitting Alcohol in Blog

Boise, Idaho - Feb. 17, 2021, Northpoint Ashwood, located in Boise, Idaho recently released a blog describing the benefits of stopping alcohol use. The article touches on the biggest factors that benefit a person’s life in stopping or never using alcohol and avoiding the possibility of alcohol use disorder.

Titled 15 Benefits of Quitting Alcohol (Or Not Drinking At All), the blog explains the benefits ranging from feeling better to averaging more sleep in a given night.

In terms of sleepless nights from alcohol use, the blog states, “Most people don’t realize how much drinking affects...sleep habits. But, it does. According to the Sleep Foundation, alcohol triggers activity in the brain referred to as ‘delta activity.’ Delta activity is a type of deep sleep that helps with learning and memory restoration.”

It continues on to say, “But, alcohol also triggers another type of activity at the same time. This type, called ‘alpha activity,’ is one that usually only occurs when someone is awake. So, these two types of brain activity have opposite effects. When they both happen at the same time, the individual is unable to enter into a deep sleep cycle. Thus, they don’t rest very well.”

The blog also discusses Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome (WKS), a condition demonstrating that alcohol affects both the mind and the body.

The symptoms of WKS include:

- Feeling confused, which can lead to violent behavior

- Having trouble walking because of a loss of muscle coordination

- Ptosis, which is characterized by a droopy upper eyelid

- Double vision

- Strange eye movements that go up and down or side to side

- Memory problems regarding events after diagnosis

- Problems with understanding instructions

- Problems forming sentences or putting thoughts into words

- Hallucinations.

The blog also discusses how stopping alcohol use can lessen the risk of cancer. The Northpoint Ashwood blog explains by saying, “When [a person drinks, the body] breaks the alcohol down into a chemical called acetaldehyde. This chemical damages...DNA and prevents [the] body from repairing it. DNA acts like a set of instructions for the body’s cells. It controls certain functions and growth. When they are damaged, the cells of the body can start to grow out of control. Sometimes this results in cancer.”

Northpoint Ashwood specializes in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in the state of Idaho for people throughout the United States. Giving patients an individualized treatment plan as part of an outpatient program, Northpoint Ashwood intends to help a person find recovery and maintain it for the long-term.

As part of outpatient treatment, Northpoint Ashwood offers three levels of treatment. The three levels are:

- Partial Hospitalization

- Intensive Outpatient

- Traditional Outpatient

Northpoint Ashwood is available every day to speak to about beginning recovery from addiction and/or mental health disorders. Call today at (208) 918-4613 to learn more or begin the admissions process.


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