Northland Fence Explains How to Choose the Right Fence Height While Complying with Regulations in New Blog Post

FRIDLEY, Minn. — Northland Fence, a fencing company based in Fridley, Minn., has recently published a blog post that explains how to choose the proper fence height while complying with the specific regulations of a city.

One important consideration is whether what is being erected is decorative fencing or privacy fencing. Decorative fencing is usually around three to four feet in height since the purpose is purely aesthetic instead of keeping children or pets in or out of a particular area. On the other hand, privacy fencing must be high enough to prevent neighbors from being able to view into windows and the yard. Decorative fences can be as high as four feet while privacy fences can reach a height of eight feet.

Meanwhile, pool fences are a unique type of fencing that have extreme safety implications. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has provided general guidelines for pool fencing, although the specific laws will vary depending on the city. It is important to follow the guidelines from the CPSC to optimize safety when erecting a pool fence. These include: enclosing the pool completely whenever possible, rather than using a house wall for one side; using door alarms if a house wall is used as one side of the pool barrier; building a pool fence with a minimum height of four feet, preferably five feet or more, especially if it is mandated by the city; opting for materials that don’t provide handholds and footholds; ensuring narrow openings to prevent kids or pets from climbing or slipping through; ensuring that the fencing is not higher than four inches from the ground; ensuring that the openings in the fence are less than 1.75 inches; and using self-latching or self-closing gates at all entryways.

It is important to note that while the ideal fence height can vary from three feet to eight feet, it is essential to check on the local laws and regulations to ensure that the proper height is chosen. In general, regulations for the construction of fences consider certain factors such as the overall visibility of the homeowner’s lot and the street(s) that are next to it; whether the lot is sloped or irregularly shaped; the presence of trees, shrubs, and other obstructions to visibility; how close the neighboring lots or properties are; if there is a pool on the property; whether pets or livestock are owned; and the presence of lack of sidewalks in front of the house.

Meanwhile, Northland Fence recommends the use of vinyl as material for fences rather than cedar. This is because the wood will break down quite fast and is susceptible to decay, discoloration, termite and pest damage, and rot. With the wide variation of temperatures in Minnesota, the wood can warp and ruin both the aesthetics of the fence and its stability. Vinyl fences don’t have to be painted or stained, and they are not prone to weathering, warping, or chipping. And, while vinyl fences are practically maintenance-free, cedar fences will need frequent care to prevent discoloration and rotting. A cedar fence will have to be sealed, painted, or stained as a way to protect the wood. Gradually, some of the wood will rot and warp and will therefore need replacement. Overall, the total cost and savings when choosing vinyl fencing will make vinyl the better choice.

Homeowners and property owners can choose from a variety of fence styles These include chain link fences, vinyl fences, and ornamental wrought iron. Chain link fences can either be black vinyl coated or galvanized steel. Vinyl fences can either be vinyl picket fences or vinyl privacy fences. Ornamental wrought iron fences can either be flat-top fences or spear-top fences.

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