Northco Fire Reminds Homeowners About the Value of Gas Fireplace Maintenance as the Winter Season Approaches

Northco Fire, a fireplace servicing company in Windsor, Colorado, wants to remind homeowners that they need to have their gas fireplace serviced by a professional in preparation for the approaching winter season. Failure to have the gas fireplace properly inspected for any issues could result in the unit failing to function properly or even start causing damage to the property. Northco Fire offers fireplace maintenance and service in Fort Collins and the Northern Colorado area. They have been doing so since 2012 and have earned the title of being one of the most reputable fireplace servicing companies in the Weld and Larimer Counties.

Gas fireplaces offer the benefit of convenience, especially when it comes to living spaces and outdoor firepits. This is because unlike the traditional wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces can be easily turned on or off. In addition, gas fireplaces cost less to operate than wood-burning fireplaces, with homeowners saving a little over 40 percent on average.

Brian Kelly, Owner of Northco Fire, says, “Whether you’ve got a traditional wood-burning fireplace or a more modern gas fireplace, we have been providing exceptional service to our clients since 2012. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is what has earned us the title of one of the most reputable fireplace service companies in Larimer and Weld County.”

With the cold winter months fast approaching, homeowners need to have their gas fireplaces checked to make sure that these will be able to provide the necessary warmth for the home. And for those who love staying outdoors and have an outdoor fire pit, Northco Fire is also ready to provide servicing for various outdoor fire pit models. Those who need more information about the company may want to follow their Facebook page.

Wood fireplaces are known to require more maintenance that gas fireplaces although some people still prefer to have the traditional wood-burning fireplace because of its nostalgic smell and sound of wood crackling. Nevertheless, gas fireplaces continue to rise in popularity because of their convenience and less maintenance required. With gas fireplaces, homeowners would be able to avoid the hassle of stooping and scooping up the ashes and getting their hands dirty.

Gas fireplaces may either be vented or ventless. Vented gas fireplaces would be similar to the wood fireplaces where a chimney is required. The provide the advantage of being very similar to the traditional wood fireplaces because they use vented gas logs and the fire wraps around the logs just like they would in a conventional wood fire. The yellow flames are also typically taller than those in ventless gas fireplaces to add to the realism. Homeowners may also rearrange the gas logs in any position they prefer as long they allow some space between the logs for airflow. The disadvantages of vented gas fireplaces include the fact that they produce soot and they don’t create as much warmth as the ventless gas fireplaces because some of the heat can escape through the chimney.

Ventless gas fireplaces provide more heat output and they are more environmentally friendly because the fuel will burn almost completely. The disadvantages include the fact that decorative items cannot be added nor can the logs be rearranged. Furthermore, they look a lot less similar to the traditional wood fireplaces.

While gas fireplaces require much less maintenance, they do require an annual inspection by a professional fireplace inspector to ensure safety and that they will be functioning properly. The technician will clean the fireplace from dust, debris, pet hair, and other grime. The inspector will also check for leaks and make sure that it is venting properly through the chimney (for vented fireplaces).

Northco Fire started as a branch of owner Brian Kelly’s fireplace installation and interior remodeling business, Northco Design. It was the success and the high demand for professional fireplace servicing that motivated him to establish a customer-centric fireplace servicing company that focused on the needs of Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, and Berthoud residents.

Homeowners who are looking for a dependable gas fireplace service may want to check out the Northco Fire website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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