North Charlotte Mosquito Control Company Offers First Mosquito Control Treatment Free

Mosquito-Tech, a company based in Charlotte, NC, is happy to announce that those who sign up for the season can receive their first mosquito control treatment free for residents in Mecklenburg County. They use a proven treatment method for mosquito control and removal where their technicians spray the yard and other outdoor areas to provide a mosquito barrier as the solution dries. This treatment works by making sure that the mosquitos will not be able to reproduce in the treated area or get in from another yard. More about their services can be learned from their Google My Business listing here - Mosquito-Tech

Alex Aiken, a representative for Mosquito-Tech, says, “Our mission is to help families enjoy their time outdoors in their own backyard by providing effective mosquito control. And we are currently offering the first mosquito treatment for free for those who sign up for the season. We provide 100 percent customer satisfaction and we always aim to provide the best mosquito control service. We are dedicated to servicing yards and properties in the Northern Mecklenburg County (and around Lake Norman) to make mosquito free yards.”

Mosquito-Tech wants people to know that the treatment they provide will not just provide absolute protection from mosquitos, but also from other pests, such as ticks, gnats, spiders, roaches, and termites. To ensure constant protection, they treat the yard or outdoor space every 21 days. This cycle has been chosen to regularly attack the larvae of mosquitos as well as adult mosquitos, thus solving the problem before it even starts.

And it is not only humans who will benefit from the mosquito control and removal treatment that they provide. The treatment will also substantially reduce the number of ticks and fleas, which means pet dogs will also benefit.

The mosquito control and removal treatment they provide can help protect people and pets from disease. This is because mosquitos are known to carry harmful diseases that can affect both humans and dogs. Thus, the treatment will significantly reduce the risk for various diseases like the West Nile virus, malaria, dengue, Chikungunya virus, and Zika virus. To learn more about the company, people who are interested can check out the Mosquito-Tech Facebook page.

Mosquitos usually prefer those dark and damp areas where there is stagnant water. They are able to detect people through warmth, body odor, light, and carbon dioxide. This makes them prevalent around residential areas where there are people and animals where they can suck blood that the female mosquitos need to help their eggs develop. Mosquitos feed on fruit and plant nectar and it is only the female mosquitos who suck blood for their eggs. They like to lay their eggs in standing water and these eggs hatch into larvae in just three days. These larvae turn into adult mosquitos after 12 days and each mosquito has a lifespan of 14 days. While having a short lifespan, mosquito populations tend to increase because each female mosquito can lay up to 400 eggs at a time. The control treatment provided by Mosquito-Tech takes a dual approach by killing both adult mosquitos and the larvae, thus preventing them from developing into adults.

A treatment session will usually take around 15 to 20 minutes but the actual duration will be dependent on the size of the yard of outdoor area to be treated. It usually takes 30 minutes for the solution to dry and after that time, people can start enjoying their mosquito-free yard.

Those who have tried the mosquito control and removal treatment from Mosquito-Tech have had highly positive things to say about it. For example, Natalie S. said, “Whenever we would go outside to eat at the picnic table as a family, the mosquitos would bug us so much we couldn't even stand it for a minute. Now we can go outside and enjoy family time.” Robert B. said, “The bugs around our lake house are awful cause they love the water. We get Mosquito-Tech to come out every 21 days. We haven't seen a mosquito in months!”

Those interested in learning more about the mosquito control and removal treatment offered by Mosquito-Tech can visit their website at, or contact them on the phone or through email. They can be contacted 24/7.


For more information about Mosquito-Tech, contact the company here:

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