No Frills Home Buyer Brilliant Day Homes Expands To North Texas

Brilliant Day Homes, a home buying company in Houston, Texas, is expanding its reach to areas in North East Texas. The company offers a hassle-free solution to homeowners who need to sell their property fast.

Homeowners may have a multitude of reasons to sell their property as fast as possible. The homeowner may be looking to raise capital for a business, they may be looking to move across the country due to a major life event such as marriage, divorce, or a new job, or may have come in possession of a property through inheritance. Homeowners from all walks of life can avail of the services from Brilliant Day Homes who promise to buy the home as-is, within a short amount of time.

Traditional realtors have a laundry list of requirements before the house can be put up on the market. This can include major repairs and staging that are necessary to make the home appealing to buyers who visit the property. This process can take up to 3 to 6 months. Spending that amount of time can be unacceptable to someone who needs the money as soon as possible to pay towards the next house or any other purpose that they deem fit. Homebuyers such as Brilliant Day Homes offer the homeowner an option to cut through the waiting period and get an instant offer based on the company’s key assessment parameters. The company can close most deals in as little as 2 weeks once the seller approaches the company.

Brilliant Day Homes looks at the three key parameters while making the offer. Firstly, they look at the property value of nearby sold, active, and expired comps. They compare the square footage, lot size, year of establishment, construction materials, and nearby amenities to chalk up a rough ballpark of how much the property should be worth. In the second step, they tweak the initial estimate based on the repairs and renovations that the property might need. Big-ticket items such as the roof, HVAC, electrical, and foundation are inspected and the costs of repairs are adjusted in the offer. The general updates are computed on a cost-per-square-foot basis. Lastly, they look at the options available for the property. They assess the property for its potential for flipping or rentals. Properties worth flipping are assessed on repairs, holding costs, and the resale price. Rental properties focus on market rents and vacancy rates.

A spokesperson for the company, Kevin Bazazzadeh, says about its practices, “Our business model is based on the three key promises that we make to our customers. You will get the best customer service, we will be reliable, and you will have a great home selling experience. We have trained our staff to ensure that they come through on each of those promises for each and every customer. We make fair offers that will end up being a bargain given the time you save and the fact that you avoid paying a commission to a realtor. Our offers are made with no pressure and we don’t give you an obligation to accept them. You can make the decision on your own time when you are ready to sell your house. The all-cash offer will give you the exact financial boost that you need to move on with life with whatever endeavor you are on. We offer unmatched customer service and we will be with you every step of the way till you are ready to make that call.”

The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It can help homeowners in a variety of circumstances such as relocating, probate, tax lien, inherited home, upgrading, downsizing, title issues, vacant house, mold, hoarder home, termite damage, divorce, foundation damage, flood damage, expired listing, bankruptcy, behind on payments, foreclosure, problems with tenants, job transfer, and code violations.

Readers looking to contact the house buyer in the Houston TX area can reach out to the company at the phone number (713) 903-2582 for all business inquiries.


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