NitWits, Lice Treatment Salon in Boston Massachusetts Introduces OMG Welcome to a Lice-Free World Lice Treatment Kit

Over centuries humans have tried just about every remedy for lice imaginable. For example, olive oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, benzyl alcohol, and essential oils of all types. However, unless one is prepared to remove every last lice and nit from the hair shafts, then one has not completely gotten rid of lice. Head Lice are now able to survive the active ingredients in pesticide lice shampoos treatments. Lice have developed resistance to pesticide containing lice treatments in 48 states.

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There is a surprising amount of confusion and misinformation about head lice on the internet. The urban myths and conflicting head lice information creates additional stress for parents when their kids get head lice. Parents keep hearing about “Super Lice” and this makes them even more fearful that if their children have super lice, then they will never be able to get rid of the lice in their child's hair. Parents need the most up-to-date and the most useful information when it comes to the best ways to treat head lice in 2020 more than ever.

Nitwits is the oldest lice removal service in the Boston area founded by Berit Pratt RN BSN MPH and Sonia Simoun. They met through a lice outbreak at an elementary school 16 years ago where Berit Pratt was a school nurse. They both realized that there was a need for a non-toxic lice treatment in the Boston community, and so NitWits was born. Through 10 years of research the NitWits team has developed the “Welcome to a Lice-Free World” Home Lice Treatment Kit. The Kit is a complete solution for getting rid of lice at home.

The kit includes the Welcome to a Lice-Free World educational and instructional videos providing step by step instructions on treating lice at home with the use of NitWits Clinic’s organic products like OMG Head Lice Shampoo and OMG Head Lice Conditioner Treatment Solution.

It is NitWits’ mission to provide families with safe and effective, organic lice removal treatment they can use in the comfort of their own homes especially during these unprecedented times in 2020.

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