Nick's Air Conditioning and Heating Shows 7 Ways To Save Money On Electricity Bill

Nick's Air Conditioning and Heating, a company based in Las Vegas, NV, has recently published a blog post that shows seven ways to save money on electricity bills. These are keeping the doors closed, sealing air leaks, using a programmable thermostat, wearing warmer or cooler clothing depending on the season, letting the sun in, using heat that is generated elsewhere, and switching to a more efficient type of heating. More about this can be gleaned from

Dan Orientale, co-owner of Nick's Air Conditioning and Heating, says, “If you frequent one or two rooms more than others during the day, try to keep the door closed to all other rooms. Think of it as turning off the light when you leave a room, but instead, you are closing the door to keep the warm air or cool air focused in one area. In the closed rooms, turn the heater or air conditioning off until you need to use them.”


Meanwhile, sealing air leaks is another key way to reduce electricity costs. The most common air leaks are doors, outlets, windows, light switches, and light fixtures. If it is cold or warm enough, people will be able to feel the air with their hand. The wind may whistle on certain blustery days. In worst cases, the whistling wind or breeze felt in the home are sure indications of air leaking and should be corrected to ensure better heating and cooling efficiency. It may also be a good idea to look for gaps, weather stripping, and holes. Once the air leaks are closed, there will be minimal heat or cold escaping outdoors, so that less electricity will be used up.

Another way to reduce electricity consumption is to use a programmable thermostat. It is possible to program this thermostat to turn off the air con or heater during a certain period of time, such was when the residents are out and then turning them on just a few minutes before they return home.

Wearing warmer clothes or cooler clothes, depending on the season, will reduce reliance on the air con or heater. And of course, whenever possible, if the air outside is warm enough or cool enough, depending on the season, opening the windows and shutting down the air con or heater for a while, may help.

Meanwhile, there may be other appliances that generate heat in the home, such as cooking appliances or the warm shower. The homeowner can try to channel the warmth from these appliances and use them as a way to warm the home. And of course, the best way to save on electricity is to use more energy efficient air cons and heaters.

Nick's Air Conditioning and Heating, with Facebook page at, can help homeowners reduce their electricity bill by switching to more efficient heaters or air conditioners. They offer various services, such as: HVAC system installation, maintenance, air conditioning system repair, heating system repair, and preventive maintenance.

They offer air conditioning system replacement or installations and heating system repair. Their service technicians will carefully diagnose the air conditioning or heating system. When customers request for assistance, they will send over a trained and experienced technician who will correctly gather all of the pertinent information for them to be able to offer a free quote.

For those with a malfunctioning heater, a new heater can upgrade warmth and comfort while reducing utility bills. For those who are ready to replace their furnace or heat pump, the company’s service technicians can help them choose the best unit for their needs.

If it still makes sense, they can provide air conditioning repair. An experienced and well-trained professional who is honest will correctly diagnose the air conditioning problem. This means the service technician will offer the best way to remedy the situation while keeping expenses down.

Heating systems may also just need a bit of repair. They have the training and experience to diagnose any of the heating problems that people may be experiencing. And finally, they offer preventive maintenance subscriptions to ensure that the heater and/or air conditioner are working at their highest efficiency.

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