Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon Dr. Aaron Kosins Is Offering Preservation Rhinoplasty Services

Dr. Aaron Kosins, a Newport Beach plastic surgeon is offering Preservation Rhinoplasty services to clients in and around Newport Beach, California. Preservation Rhinoplasty is an entirely new set of philosophies dedicated to the creation of beautiful noses and results that will last a lifetime.

The clinic goes says that in 2016, techniques and philosophies developed in their practice in Newport Beach ushered in a new era of rhinoplasty which was called Preservation Rhinoplasty. Dr. Kosins says he was the first surgeon doing the procedures and teaching them in the United States. He says he was the first to publish his experience and to present the concepts in a peer-reviewed medical journal and at the national Rhinoplasty meetings

The term Preservation Rhinoplasty (PR) was first coined by Dr. Kosins’ partner Rollin Daniel and represents a fundamental change in philosophy. In certain cases, the standard teaching of reducing and rebuilding can be replaced with preserving and reshaping. PR is composed of the following 3 parts. The first step is to elevate the skin sleeve in a unique surgical plane called the subperichondrial-subperiosteal plane. The second step is preserving the bridge of the nose (the bone and cartilage dorsum). The third step is maintaining the tip (alar) cartilages with minimal excision while achieving the desired shape using sutures.

According to the clinic, for decades, surgeons have preferred what is called the sub-SMAS plane when elevating the skin sleeve as it is relatively avascular and less disruptive than the previously utilized subcutaneous plane. However, the sub-SMAS dissection is still associated with significant postoperative swelling, numbness, prolonged scar remodeling, and induration. Long-term thinning of the soft tissue envelope is a major concern after rhinoplasty. In contrast, elevating the soft tissue envelope with a continuous subperichondrial-subperiosteal dissection results in minimal swelling, near-normal sensation, minimal scar remodeling, and avoidance of long-term thinning of the STE. This has been published in Dr. Kosins’ journal articles with the use of ultrasound and 3D imaging as a diagnostic tool.

The clinic says in the majority of rhinoplasties performed today, the dorsal hump is resected leading to the creation of an “open roof” that requires osteotomies (breaking bones) and cartilage reconstruction. In contrast, dorsal preservation maintains the dorsal hump structures while eliminating the dorsal hump using septal resection. The result is that one is able to modify the bridge without destroying its normal anatomy.

The clinic says that surgeons achieved the desired tip shape using a combination of excision, incision, sutures, and grafts. Although the results were good initially, a significant percentage of these cases degraded over time. However, the adoption of tip suturing, and structural support using various columellar struts, septal extension grafts, and tongue in groove procedures have improved dramatically intermediate results with the maintenance of projection and fewer tip deformities. PR advances tip surgery even further by preserving virtually the entire alar cartilage, which enhances function and reduces potential problems. In addition, revisions are much simpler. The clinic claims that the combination of a subperichondrial exposure and maintenance of completely intact alar cartilage and ligament system represents a dramatic new advance in tip preservation surgery.

Dr. Aaron Kosins MD has worked to develop technology in the basic sciences and has published his findings with world-renowned innovators in nerve regeneration, stem cell technology, microsurgery, facial aging, and rhinoplasty. His journal articles can be found in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Annals of Plastic Surgery, and the Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery. He has also presented his work at the Plastic Surgery Research Council, the American Society of Peripheral Nerve, the California Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the annual Rhinoplasty Society meeting.

Dr. Kosins is a graduate of the University of California where he studied Business Administration while completing his Pre-Med qualifications. He then completed a dual Medical Degree (M.D.) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneurship at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, and Paul Merage School of Business, respectively. After several years of working in finance with biotechnology companies, Dr. Kosins returned to the University of California, Irvine where he completed a prestigious Integrated Plastic Surgery program.

More information about the doctor and his work can be viewed on his website at The website features a blog, photo gallery, and testimonials from the doctor’s patients.


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