Newly Released TK Roofing & Gutters Blogs Discusses 5 Things Homeowners Need to Know Before Getting a Roof Replacement

TK Roofing & Gutters has just released a new blog that discusses five things that homeowners need to know before getting a roof replacement. They say this is important because it’s the best way for a homeowner to get a new roof that they will be satisfied with the looks of, and that will last them for the length of time that they desire it to. This Akron-based company regularly posts new blogs to its website to keep its customers better informed about the different roofing services that they offer. It’s this type of customer-first approach combined with quality workmanship that has led many they have done work for to insist that they are the top roof replacement company in Ohio.

Daryl Gentry, the owner of TK Roofing & Gutters, says, “Putting a new roof on your home is one of the most significant investments that you can make in your home. It’s a roofing job that also comes with many different choices that you will have to make. This includes such things as the type of roofing material that you will have laid down on your new roof and whether or not you would like additional work done to your roof’s structure or underlayment. At our company, we feel that those who need a roof replacement and take the time to read our new blog will better understand the decisions they will soon have to make regarding their upcoming roof replacement.”

Know this before you put on a new roof

TK Roofing & Gutter's latest blog started by informing that several signs that will indicate that a homeowner needs a whole roof replacement. This includes visible wear and tear, signs of leaking, and for those with shingle roofs if they can see the light coming through the roof boards in their attic. The new article states that a homeowner with a roof that is 20-years or older should get it inspected even if it looks like it’s still in good condition. It went on to say that once it’s been determined that a homeowner needs a roof replacement, they now must consider 5-important things. The first has to do with the type of roofing material they have put back down. It’s the perfect time for those with a shingle roof to consider more decorative and longer lasting roofing materials such as concrete or metal shingles. According to the new blog post, those with shingle roofs will also have to decide if they want to add another layer or strip the existing shingle off and start with a fresh layer of shingle. It was also suggested in the new TK Roofing & Gutters blog post that homeowners be prepared for the noise that goes along with a roof replacement job and that they sign a contract that goes into detail about the specific work that will be done during their roof replacement. The blog concluded by going over why it’s important for any homeowner to hire a reputable and experienced roofing contractor to do their roof replacement work.

Gentry also mentioned that they offer many other roofing services besides just roof replacements. This includes a wide range of roof repair services such as doing metal flashing replacement to stop leaks and replacing sections of shingle that have gone missing. He added that they are also a local roofing services provider that reacts very quickly when one of their customers has received roof damage in a storm. Evidence of that comes in the form of a 5-star testimonial from Tim Grey, who stated, “They did a great job on my storm repair. Got in touch with me quickly and had a tech out within days. The repair was completed before some other places even called me back. The job was done expertly, and the tech took the time to explain exactly what was done and how. I appreciate the great service!” The company owner says they will even work with their customer’s insurance company to help that customer’s claim process proceed smoothly.

Gentry added that those throughout the state of Ohio that would like more information on the roof replacement, and other services that his company offers can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the form found on the ‘Contact Us’ page on their website. He also says they are fully licensed and insured, guarantee their work, and offer free roof inspections and accurate estimates.


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