Newly Added Redmond WA Tree Service Blog Discusses Important Tree Root Care Steps

Tree Surgery Redmond has just uploaded a new blog post to their website. The title of this new article is ‘How to Care for Your Tree’s Roots’. This top-rated tree service in the Redmond, Washington area decided to write this blog because many people know how to care for their trees from the base on up, but they know very little about root care. They state this is just as important to overall tree health as any other essential tree care service.

The company representative, Gary Silas, says, “There are many home and business owners that think roots are the most self-sufficient parts on a tree. To some extent, this thinking is true but not entirely. Just like even healthy people can benefit from taking vitamins, so too can tree roots benefit from getting periodic fertilization and other care. We here at Tree Surgery Redmond feel root care is so important, we decided to dedicate an entire blog post to that subject.”

In the freshly posted blog, is started by explaining how the roots, branches, leaves, and the trunk of a tree all work together to keep a tree as healthy as possible. These parts of a tree collect the essential water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide that any tree needs to thrive. It also mentioned that when root care is done properly, it can play a significant role in overall tree health. Among the many suggestions that were made in the blog regarding root care, it says that mulching over the roots around the base of a tree is never a bad idea. This helps to trap moisture so tree roots get prolonged doses of it and boosts essential nutrients in the moisture that’s absorbed. Sticking with the theme of how important moisture is to root care, the blog also suggested a home or business owner undertake occasional watering around the base of their trees. The blog article was also very firm when stating that tree watering should be done at appropriate intervals so the soil can occasionally dry to let essential oxygen get to the roots too. In the recently posted article, it was also stressed that there are very few good reasons to ever cut tree roots. This is because it has the potential to significantly harm a tree’s health. The article said it’s even a good idea to create a buffer zone around trees where no other plants are placed. This will help any tree’s roots thrive.

According to the company representative, if someone does not feel comfortable doing root care themselves or does not have time for it, they would be happy to provide this service for them. Their experienced tree experts know how to do all of the root care steps mentioned in the article and some others that will greatly benefit any tree’s important root structure. They offer other tree services that promote overall tree health and beautification in a landscape too. He says this includes tree trimming, crown thinning, canopy shaping, pruning, and canopy lifting. These tree trimming tasks are designed to get more essential moisture, air, and sunlight into the interiors of trees and also let these elements get to the grasses and other vegetation below tree canopies. Silas also mentioned that their crews know how to remove trees in the safest possible manner. This service is necessary when trees die, have become diseased or infested with insects, or are starting to grow too close to power lines, homes, and buildings. He says that they can also remove the stumps after a tree has been taken down so the ground where they once stood can be repurposed. They also are prepared to help 24-hours a day with any tree emergencies that occur to people in Redmond or nearby communities.

Home and business owners who would like to get root care or any other type of tree care help from this Remond WA Tree Service, are welcome to call them, send them an email, or fill out the form that’s found on the ‘contact us’ page of their website.


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