New York's 5 Stars Movers Publishes Post About Moving Companies That Hire

5 Stars Movers, a professional moving company based in New York City, recently published an online article on finding moving companies that hire. The blog post gives readers a rundown on prerequisites and requirements expected from moving companies. When most pieces focused on the moving industry write about hiring movers, this goes the other way, writing about getting jobs at the companies themselves.

The company has years of experience under its belt serving in neighborhoods including Harlem, Murray Hill, Manhattan Beach, Carnegie Hill, and Inwood, making this a reliable source. The article written by the company targets those who are looking for a new job and have dabbled in moving company advertisements. It mentions that it is likely one has wondered what it is like being on the other side of moving homes and that "it’s intriguing to see behind the scenes for a change," as stated by the company.

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The purpose of the article is to guide those who, according to 5 Stars Movers, "might feel lost when searching through all the different companies." The piece brings light to what is often looked for in potential employees, including clean driving history and a commercial license. In contrast, the information that companies do not often look for when hiring people onto their teams, such as formal schooling or educational background, is discussed. Lastly, other vital traits such as physical abilities and stamina are emphasized as their need within the job plays a big role.

Although the list of requirements is concise, the qualities that make a good mover are mental, too. The company tackles the importance of taking care of a client's belongings by being organized and meticulous about protecting valuables with the proper material. In addition, they note it is essential to have appropriate manners and to be conscious of company policies and protocols.


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