New York Divorce Lawyer Juan Luciano Explains the Importance of Full Disclosure When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

New York: Juan Luciano, the founder of Juan Luciano Divorce law firm and a divorce lawyer, recently released an article about the importance of full disclosure when going through a divorce. In his article, he also talks about what will happen if a person doesn’t disclose all information to a divorce lawyer.

The divorce lawyer specifically explains: “Divorce is never easy. It is fraught with emotion and extremely personal. And sometimes, there are things you may want to keep to yourself when going through the throes of divorce. But when you hire a divorce lawyer, you are hiring your staunchest legal advocate. If you keep information from that legal representative, it can hurt you in the end.”

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Moreover, a person should tell their divorce lawyer all pertinent information so that the lawyer can represent them as fully as possible. This can often mean sharing information that a person may not be proud to share. It allows the divorce lawyer to deal with it proactively instead of reacting.

The things that the other party could bring up are physical abuse and mental abuse, sexual infidelity, mental health diagnosis, an antecedent criminal record, hidden assets among other important things. This kind of information, which one should keep secret from their divorce lawyer, can make them vulnerable to potential problems that will eventually surface.

This could also prevent the lawyer's ability to work strategically for their client’s benefit. The attorney-client privilege means that any communications between the client and the lawyer are kept confidential. The divorce lawyer cannot reveal anything a person tells him or her, or share it with anyone else.

This is a deliberate attempt to encourage clients to share information with their lawyers in order to help them effectively represent their clients. Information that is damaging can be released. It will come out at trial or later in the case.

The divorce lawyer has no chance to prepare a defense if a piece of information was withheld. It is counterproductive to keep information from one’s lawyer because they should be familiar with the most common issues so they can figure out how to present them to reduce the severity.

Furthermore, Mr. Luciano also discussed that it is normal to not want to lose assets during a divorce, particularly if the situation is difficult. Hidden assets are also not a good idea. The other party's lawyer can track down assets using forensic accountants, and even depose others to testify. This is not only a disadvantage in court, but it can also result in higher attorney fees in defending one’s case.

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