New York City Family Law Attorney Juan Luciano Explains How A Family Law Attorney May Be Able to Help with A Divorce

New York City family law attorney Juan Luciano releases a new article ( that discusses how a family law attorney may be able to help with a divorce lawyer. The lawyer mentions that family conflicts can result in emotional distress for all the members of the family. This is especially true for couples who are going through a divorce.

According to the New York City family law attorney, “ Divorce is not just the end of a marriage. It also involves the division of marital assets, debts, and living quarters. Your future can be affected by the outcome of a divorce proceeding.”

New York City family law attorney

The lawyer explains that in a divorce, both spouses deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. He says that in New York, a divorce petition is filed by a married couple with the NYC courts. After that, the court will send a process server to deliver the divorce petition to the spouse. This will give the other spouse time to respond. The court may change the process if the spouse doesn’t respond or refuses to reply.

Attorney Juan Luciano also mentions that an NYC family court may grant a summary judgment in favor of the petitioner. Doing this may allow the petitioner may obtain a divorce without the spouse who is not responding having any input in the proceedings.

In the article, attorney Luciano explains that custody and visitation are two of the most important and challenging questions in divorce or legal separation. This is why it’s very important to seek the help of a skilled family law attorney before agreeing to anything regarding custody and child support.

The lawyer also explains the difference between a contested divorce and an uncontested divorce. He says that the contested divorce means that both spouses cannot agree on the terms and needs a judge to decide for them. Most of the decisions in a contested divorce require the judge to decide.

Attorney Luciano also adds that in an uncontested divorce, both spouses are amenable to the terms of one another and can agree with the most important things like child custody and child support. He adds that while there are many benefits to an uncontested divorce, it can sometimes be difficult to reach an agreement.

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes how important it is to seek the help of an experienced family law attorney when dealing with matters involving divorce, child support, and child custody. A skilled family law attorney may be able to help the client understand their rights and responsibilities and also guide them on what their next steps should be.

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