New York City Estate Planning Attorney Matus Law Group Announces a New Location

New York City, NY -- The estate planning law firm Matus Group is proud to announce a new office location in New York City, NY. The firm has partnered with The Law Offices of Adam Dayan, PLLC to better serve their clients’ needs in New York City. The new location is 222 Broadway, 19th Floor, New York, New York 10038.

“This new location will allow us to better serve our existing clients in New York and enable us to serve more people as our firm grows,” said Kristine M. Carranceja-Gurski, Esq., estate planning attorney. “We are happy to partner with Mr. Dayan, who offers complimentary practice areas to our estate planning practice. While Mr. Dayan practices special education law, it dovetails beautifully with our estate planning practice that focuses on special needs families. We are both passionate about our commitment to special needs families and their rights and protections and look forward to a very fruitful cooperative venture.”

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With over twenty years of experience serving special needs families in New Jersey and the tri-state area, The Matus Law Group has advocated for these families’ rights and assisted them in planning for the future of their loved ones through estate planning devices such as special needs trusts. They also serve all families and individuals in their quest to protect assets for their own future needs and those of their loved ones.

Matus Law Group is dedicated to making a difference to families and the community, offering both knowledge and compassion. Both the founder Ms. Christine Matus and Ms. Carrancega-Gurski have served in various community leadership roles. Ms. Carrancega-Gurski brings a wealth of knowledge with her, stemming from her community involvement and her work with various nonprofits and pro bono work.

Mr. Dayan has been interested in the special needs community since his research on autism as an undergraduate student. During law school, he was involved in the Autism Legislation Project, raising awareness about legislation and advocating laws surrounding autism and other special needs. He now represents parents of special needs children in a variety of education matters.

With their cooperative efforts, Ms. Carrancega-Gurski and Mr. Dayan bring together invaluable experience with a high level of skill, insight, and compassion for special needs children and their parents. By joining forces, they offer a well-rounded set of resources for special needs families with a strong understanding of their educational, financial, psychological, and special services needs.

“We have dedicated so much of our practice to helping special needs families plan and protect their assets and their future. I believe that this partnering of services in a central location will allow us to offer added value and guidance to our current and new clients in New York City. We look forward to what the future holds,” said Ms. Carrancega-Gurski.

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