New York City Divorce Lawyer Ryan Besinque Discusses the Requirements for a Divorce in NYC

New York City divorce lawyer Ryan Besinque ( releases a new article that discusses the requirements for a divorce in NYC. The lawyer mentions that many people go into a marriage without anticipating that it will end. However, data shows that nearly 50 percent of marriages in the USA end in divorce or separation.

According to the New York City divorce lawyer, “This makes divorce a reality for many, leaving families navigating the family law system. Even the friendliest of divorces can leave individuals financially and emotionally stressed, particularly when there are children involved.”

New York City divorce lawyer

The lawyer explains that a divorce is a very highly emotional time and what is said and done during the negotiation may set the stage for someone’s future. In New York, there are two types of divorce. Contested divorce and uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is when both spouses are able to all the matters involved in the divorce. A contested divorce happens when the marital partners are not able to agree on the details of their divorce.

Attorney Ryan Besinque also enumerates the requirements for a divorce in New York. These requirements include that the marriage took place in NY and that either spouse has been living in the state for at least a year. Another requirement is that the grounds for divorce happened in NY state. It is also required that if the marriage did not take place in NY, one spouse must have been living in NY for two years before filing for a divorce.

“There are seven grounds that a couple can use to seek a divorce under NYC law,” says the NYC divorce lawyer. “These grounds are irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, commonly called a no-fault divorce, divorce after legal separation, adultery, cruel/inhuman treatment, divorce after a judgment of separation, imprisonment, and abandonment.”

Furthermore, attorney Besinque also adds that New York became the last state in the US to enact no-fault divorce laws in 2010. This new legislation does not repeal the previous laws, however, this allows the couple to divorce based on the grounds that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

Lastly, the NYC divorce lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled lawyer when it comes to dealing with matters such as spousal support, child custody, child support, and many others. Having an experienced lawyer may be able to help the client receive a favorable outcome in the case.

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