New York City Ceiling Collapse Lawyer Samantha Kucher Talks About Ceiling Collapses

New York - Ceiling Collapse Lawyer Samantha Kucher releases a new article that discusses ceiling collapse cases in New York. The article talks about how a person can get the legal help they need when they’re involved in a ceiling collapse accident.

The New York ceiling collapse lawyer says, “New York City is largely a city of apartments and other rental properties. In an ideal world, the landlord would properly maintain the property, make necessary repairs immediately, and ensure that tenants had a safe place to call home. Sadly, we do not live in an ideal world, and ceiling collapses and other catastrophic failures happen with frightening regularity.”

New York ceiling collapse lawyer

In the article, the lawyer mentions that there is a significant number of catastrophic building failures in New York each year. This is the result of negligence on the part of the building owner and the management company. A ceiling collapse can lead to more serious injuries especially if it catches the person off-guard.

The New York personal injury attorney also adds that the costs of an injury from a ceiling collapse can be the victim’s responsibility. However, these kinds of accidents are usually a result of poor building maintenance and the property owner’s negligence. Therefore, it should not be a victim’s responsibility to pay for the injuries or even death, in worst-case scenarios.

Furthermore, the New York attorney mentions that the common cost involved in a ceiling collapse accident include property damage, lost wages, and the costs of housing repairs. This is why the attorney recommends having an experienced ceiling collapse lawyer to guide the victim on the next steps and receive the compensation they deserve.

New York attorney Samantha Kucher also adds, “Ceiling collapses and other similar occurrences in rental properties are covered under New York’s premises liability law. According to state law, building owners have a non-delegable duty of care to preserve the structural integrity of the buildings they own.”

The common problems that cause a ceiling collapse accident, according to the personal injury lawyer, are usually simple things that are overlooked. This includes a minor water heater leak, a minor leak in the ceiling that could allow water into the structure, snow that accumulates on the roof and adds stress to the structure, and many others like construction defects.

Lastly, the ceiling collapse lawyer adds that it’s very important to have a ceiling collapse lawyer who can assist the victim in getting the compensation that is right for them. Some injuries from a ceiling collapse accident can be life-threatening. It should not be the victim who has to pay for the negligence of a building owner.

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