New York City Bus Rental Company Offers Corporate Rentals

US Coachways, a Staten Island, NY-based charter bus rental services company, has announced that they offer corporate bus rentals in New York City and neighboring areas. They want to point out that a bus rental is a great way to get employees into the office during the pandemic because they can avoid the risks of public transportation. This is because clients would be able to control where, when, and who they will go with on their chartered bus. In other words, they are able to take control of their environment. And in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, US Coachways has been improving and expanding their bus cleaning processes. They can ensure clients that they will at least match if not surpass all CDC and local government regulations. Passengers will also know who they are sitting with, in contrast to public transportation and airplanes where travelers cannot choose the other passengers.

And since clients will be in control of how many passengers the bus will have, they can decide how to best practice social distancing, as long as they make sure that all local laws are followed. And US Coachways will also ensure the safety and health of the drivers. The drivers have been instructed to comply with all CDC, DOT, and local regulations and they will wear any personal protective equipment (PPE) as suggested.

It should be noted that this New York City bus rental service company has been serving the needs of business, government, and industry for over 30 years. These include corporate and industrial charter bus rentals; convention and event transportation services; emergency and natural disaster transportation; shuttle bus services; and General Service Administration (GSA) approved transportation requirements.

Corporate and industrial charter bus rentals are provided for businesses and organizations that have group travel requirements for workshops, training, conferences, team-building exercises and other company functions. They can also offer VIP ground transportation or meet and greet services for company guests.

For their convention and event transportation services, they will offer a customized shuttle service to make sure that participants will be able to get to where they need to go at the time when they need to be there. They will also meet and greet attendees at train stations, airports, and other venues. And they will also provide on-site dispatch services.

And during emergency and natural disaster situations, they can also provide evacuation or shuttle services for any kind of local or national emergency, including accidents, weather-related disasters, and industrial calamities.

They can also provide shuttle bus services, which is designed to shuttle groups of people for any purpose, such as public events, family events, business, and emergency situations. They will utilize their skill, experience, and knowledge in determining the ideal pickup and drop-off points and establish schedules that will optimize efficiency.

US Coachways has also been certified by the GSA to offer charter bus rentals to federal government and its entities, includes the US Armed Forces.

They want to point out that there are a number of key benefits for those who use their corporate charter bus services. First is dependability because clients won’t have to worry about delays and cancellations. The charter bus driver would be able to anticipate any roadway issues and come up with alternate routes, and it would be quite easy for the company to find a replacement coach if there happens to be an issue with the current bus.

Another important benefit is flexibility. Clients will be able to decide when they’ll leave, where they will be picked up, where they will stop, how long they will stay, and when they will return. And, of course, there is the affordability of charter bus rental. And then there is the comfort for the passengers because there would be more leg room on a charter bus compared to other modes of transportation.

Charter bus travel is also safe and secure because the passengers are assured that they have a highly trained and skilled driver in control of the bus. And finally, charter bus rental offers stress-free travel. The driver will take care of everything and there would be no need to go through a TSA security checkpoint or standing in line, taking off one’s shoes or throwing away toiletries.

Those who are interested in the corporate bus rental services from US Coachways may want to check out their website at, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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