New Website Launched For Private Utility Locating In Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon based Portland Locating Specialists is pleased to announce that their new website is now live. Portland Locating Specialists is a private company dedicated to providing top-quality utility locating services in Portland and the surrounding areas.

As noted on their new website, Portland Locating Specialists provide a wide range of locating services that give their clients a better understanding of the utilities around their property. They also let clients know the utilities’ exact location to make sure that the system will not be disturbed and no unnecessary damage is dealt to the utility lines. Locating utility lines is not only important for securing the safety of people’s homes, it is also vital for maintaining long-term security for people’s connections and hook-ups. They are also useful in helping diagnose potential leaks and to safely map out new building projects.

Utility lines are usually difficult to find, as most of them are located underground. It is not very practical to uncover these utility lines in order to locate them. Therefore, to be able to find these lines, a set of specialty locating tools must be utilized. Fortunately, Portland Locating Specialists is ready to do this task on behalf of their clients, who include those looking to start new building projects to those who have recently moved into a new house and need to know where their utility lines are located.

Portland Locating Specialists offers a variety of locating services that are suited for all kinds of underground utility lines and pipes. The methods they utilize enable their clients to track where each utility line is located and offer a better understanding of where all utility connections are located. Portland Locating Specialists asserts that their locating services were designed with their clients’ needs in mind.

The company primarily offers underground utility locating services which help their clients map out the web of utility lines that are buried underground within their property. If the location of this web of valuable utility lines and pipelines is not known, people are at risk of potentially damaging their utility lines when they do home renovations and home-improvement projects. Professional underground utility locating services by Portland Locating Specialists help solve this problem by providing a comprehensive report on the existing utility lines and pipelines that can be found on a given client’s property.

Meanwhile, Portland Locating Specialists also offers radio wave detection. This service utilizes electromagnetic signals, which are transmitted underground to show where the utility lines can be found before they send a signal back up to the receiver machine. One of the professional operators from Portland Locating Specialists will then assess the signal received to determine where the signal was derived from the pipeline system. Doing so allows the operators to have a deeper look into where the utility pipes are located, where the pipes intersect and where other utility lines in the area are.

Clients will additionally be pleased to learn that the company offers leak locating as well. Leaks are often present but people may not see them because the utility pipes are buried underground. To combat this, the company provides their clients assistance with locating all types of leaks that could be present in their utility pipes that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. They make sure to keep their clients, as well as their utility lines, safe and in optimal working condition.

Other services that Portland Locating Specialists offer include ground penetrating radar, oil tank search and plastic pipe locating. More information about the services that Portland Locating Specialists offers can be found on their newly-launched website, here:

Positive praise has often been heaped on Portland Locating Specialists and the services they offer. For instance, Carol E. writes in a testimonial featured on the company’s website that, “My husband and I wanted to build a pool into our backyard but were told we had to have a plumbing pipe locator service performed, and any other water supply pipes and fittings completed so that we didn't damage anything when installing the pool. Portland Locating Specialists came right on time and performed all of those services in a jiffy so that we were able to get a head start on our pool-building project!"

Those interested may check out Portland Locating Specialists by visiting their new website. Clients may also connect with them via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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