New Website Launched for Concrete Services in Providence RI

A concrete contractor providing services in Providence, RI, has announced that they have recently launched their new website. These services are essential for homeowners in Providence and neighboring areas who are planning some home renovations. They want people to know that they are focusing on ensuring that their clients are 100 percent satisfied. Some of the services they can provide are the following: concrete cutting, commercial and residential services, concrete buildings and foundations, concrete patios and curbing, stamped concrete, and concrete repair.

A spokesperson for the concrete contractor says, “If you’re planning on doing renovations around your Providence home, give our engineers the opportunity to take your job to the next level. Whether you’re constructing a foundation or a new building, our contractors are available. We are determined to work extra hard to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied. So, let us take care of all of your concrete needs.”

He adds, “Whenever you're bringing workers into your home, you should always enquire about their insurance or licenses. If you didn't already know, your homeowners' insurance states that you are liable for them unless they have their own insurance. We've already passed the most stringent tests within our field to become the experts that we are. Simply put, a licensed contractor will always guarantee that you receive the best service and peace of mind.”

The team of professionals at Providence Concrete Services pay careful attention to every detail and are committed to providing the best possible quality service starting the preconstruction phase. After they have taken a look at the building plans, they will come up with a work plan that is appropriate for the job and relay this particular information to every member of the team. They have many years of experience, including the construction of dream floors for a broad range of clientele. They utilize new techniques in keeping with technological developments to make sure that only the best materials are used.

One of their basic services is the construction of concrete slabs. These slabs can have a variety of applications in the home. For instance, there are garage slabs, which are usually 14 inches thick with 12-inche thick turn-down edges. The thickness may vary, depending on the size of the vehicles that will be parked inside the garage. The concrete slab with hand trowel finish is a common option where a steel trowel is used to densify the surface and to achieve a smooth and hard surface.

Meanwhile, a concrete slab with a broom finish is processed by dragging a broom or another similar tool across its surface to leave a uniform appearance. The textured appearance is useful for aesthetics and for traction and drainage. Concrete slabs with decorative finish are used for flooring that is desired to look like another material that is more costly. As such, it offers the aesthetics of the imitated material while providing the durability and low cost of concrete.

They are also capable of providing concrete driveways, which offer a number of benefits. First, concrete is the ideal material when large surfaces need to be covered, although concrete may also be appropriate for smaller areas. Second, concrete offers the possibility of reinforcement with rebar or wiring to make it even stronger. Third, concrete is poured into position, which means that it is appropriate for a broad range of shapes. For example, concrete is often used for curved structures. Fourth, concrete requires minimal maintenance. It just needs to be sealed and cleaned. And finally, compared to black-top asphalt, concrete will retain less UV heat. This makes it suitable for people who prefer to walk barefoot or for pets. This will also prevent the driveway from buckling or cracking when expanding or shrinking because of the heat or cold.

Those who require concrete contractor services in Providence, RI, and surrounding areas may want to visit the Providence Concrete Services website at, or contact them through the phone. They are open from Monday to Sunday, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.


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