New Website Launch Taking New York Private Jet Rentals to Another Level

New York Private Jet Rentals is dedicated to offering some of the most progressive jet rental services in the industry. Following that, they have announced a new website launch that will take the renting of their private jets to a whole new level. They also launched the new website to bring attention to the fact that they are now offering the most competitive pricing for anyone looking to take a private jet charter from New York City to anywhere in the world. This is something that’s becoming more necessary for them as the recent pandemic has made private jet rental more popular than ever before.

A spokesperson for the company says, “We have gotten extremely creative with our private jet rental services and we needed a website that kept up with that. This is the reason that we took it upon ourselves to create and launch our new website. The new website does a great job of describing how our services work, the types of jets that we have available to rent, some of the destinations that we fly to, and even how to sign up for a membership with us. You would be hard-pressed to find a New York jet rental service that has a website that is as detailed and progressive as our newly launched one is.”

According to the company spokesperson, renting a private jet gives people more flexibility when flying than ever before and the new website covers that. It talks about the different rental jet options that are available from booking a single seat and riding along with another party that rented a jet to having complete control over every aspect of charter jet travel. He mentioned that includes everything from the preferred departure time, the destinations that will be traveled to, and even the meals that are served. Some of the company’s jet rental options that are described in detail in the new website include their short-range Eclipse 500 4 passenger jet, their elegant and featured 9-passenger Gulfstream G200, and their long-range 12-passenger Global 5000. There are 12 rental jet options that the company has available that are described in full detail along with pictures on the new website. The newly launched website of their Private Jet Rentals even has a feature where an interested party can get an instant quote for the company’s services. All they have to do is fill out a search form which is very similar to that when booking a flight with a commercial airline. Someone just has to put in their dates of travel, the number of people traveling, and the desired landing airport to get a quick quote for their upcoming jet rental trip. A person doing the booking can even request the time they wish their traveling party to take off.

The company spokesperson also brought up several reasons why booking with them at New York Private Jet Rentals is so advantageous. This includes such benefits as having total control over the itinerary. He also pointed out how groups can land closer to their destination, avoid lengthy layovers, and even take their cherished pets right onboard with them. Those who charter a private jet will also be able to make their journey 100% exclusive or to allow others not in their group to travel with them to help defer costs. He stated that chartering a jet also offers a safer means of travel during the pandemic. That’s because the person in charge of the private jet rental controls who is allowed on the plane and what conditions guests have to meet in order to travel.

Reviews of the company’s jet rental services have been very positive. Hensley Bruce proclaimed in his 5-star Google review, “I needed an emergency flight from New York to LA for a business trip with some of my employees and NYPJR found a Gulfstream that was perfect, especially on such late notice! They also arranged for ground transportation to and then from the plane. Great service and very accommodating. I would highly recommend them.”

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