New The IV Lounge Blog Post Gives 5 Ways That An Amino Acid IV Drip In Toronto May Benefit A Person

amino acid iv drip in toronto

The IV Lounge has just posted a new blog article on their website. It’s a blog post that points out different ways that an Amino Acid IV Therapy Drip has the potential to benefit someone. The newly posted article is titled ‘Getting an Amino Acid IV Drip in Toronto: 5 Reasons Why It Could Help’. Co-service provider at The IV Lounge, Dr. Amauri Caversan, ND, states that this is a type of therapy that has become popular recently at their facility.

Dr. Caversan, ND, says, “As a Naturopathic Doctor, I am charged with constantly implementing new research based treatments that help people heal and assist them in reaching their wellness goals in an integrative naturopathic and functional medicine way. One of the treatments that I like to use is amino acids IV drip therapy. Our various amino acids IV therapy drips are an important part of what we do here at The IV Lounge, that is why I decided to post a blog that describes what it is and the potential benefits it has for those that we may be able to help with ailments and as a means to improve someone’s overall wellness.”

The new blog started by mentioning the important role that amino acids, the ‘building blocks’ of proteins, play in the body. This includes everything from helping to break down the food that a person eats to repairing damaged tissues. It went on to mention that one of the first possible benefits of amino acid IV therapy is that it may provide some quick responses in the body. This has to do with the fact that a person’s body often absorbs nutritional intravenous fluid rapidly and then makes it available for almost immediate use.

Amino acid IV therapy is also thought to have the ability to add fuel to the body in a timely manner. This may be something that can help a person as far as their training performance is concerned.

Another way that was mentioned in the blog is that intravenously dripped amino acids have the potential to help us by aiding the body in overcoming nutritional deficiencies. That enables the body to get over such amino acid deficiency-associated symptoms such as fatigue, muscle loss, low mood, and even memory loss. Improper amino acid balance in the body is also thought to be a reason why a person’s body recovers at a slower than the normal rate from illnesses.

The 4th way mentioned in the blog that it’s thought that amino acid IV therapy may benefit a person is by helping with intestinal inflammation; a problem that is often associated with such conditions as an autoimmune disease, chronic stress, and regular excessive alcohol intake.

The last potential benefits of amino acid IV therapy the newly posted article mentioned were improving mental health and lessening pain. In the blog’s wrap-up, it discussed how certain tests can determine if a person is experiencing amino acid deficiency and by using these test results, they at The IV Lounge will custom build an amino acid IV therapy treatment for each person.

Dr. Amauri Caversan, ND, went on to say that he does not provide the IV services that The IV Lounge offers all by himself. It’s done in conjunction with his co-service provider, Arv Buttar, NP. She has been a Registered Nurse since 2006 and 10 years later entered into the functional medicine and integrative health world. He added that their integrative and functional medicine approach to health gives them an ideal chance of attempting to help their clients achieve the results they are seeking from their therapies.

Other treatments that The IV Lounge offers include customized IV drips, high dose vitamin c treatments, anti-aging IV drips, detoxifying IV drips and drips that attempt to treat migraines & might help with relaxation. Those that would like more information on the IV therapy treatments that this Toronto facility offers may call them at (647) 549-3484, send them an email at, or by filling out the form that’s found on their website’s ‘contact us’ page. You may also check this article for additional details.


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