New Steadfast Tree Care Blog Points Out the Warning Signs of Tree Sickness

Steadfast Tree Care, a reputable Ruther Glen, VA area tree services provider, has just posted a new blog on their website that discusses the warning signs of tree sickness. They wrote this blog with the understanding that if their customers and other property owners can detect tree sickness in its early stages, there are steps that they can then take to keep that sickness from spreading and eventually dooming the affected tree and others around it. These blogs are all part of this company’s continuing efforts to have a well-educated customer base when it comes to keeping the trees in their yard healthy. This newly posted blog can be seen here:

Phillip Wood, the company owner, says, “Although many of our customers realize the importance of us doing yearly tree inspections at their home or business properties, there are things that can impact the health of their trees in-between those visits. Tree sickness is among the worst of those. We feel it’s essential for our customers to be able to spot the warning signs of tree sickness early. That’s because just like when you and I get sick, trees have the best chance of recovery if they get early treatment. This is why we felt so strongly about writing and posting this particular blog at this time.”

The new blog started by pointing out several symptoms that trees often display when they are in poor health. It says that chief among these are early leaf drop, fire blight, and canopy dieback. While early leaf drop is fairly self-explanatory, the blog describes fire blight as when a portion of a tree is so unhealthy that a portion of it looks like it has been lit on fire at some point in time. Canopy dieback is described in the article as the top portion of a tree looking sparse and discolored as opposed to the rest of the tree. In the article, several causes of tree sickness were also brought up. This included insect infestation, acid rain, drought, disease, flooding, old age, and serious root and soil disorders. The blog also talked about how such things as tree trimming, tree pruning, tree injections, soil changes, and other treatments can heal or reverse several different types of tree ailments. This newly posted article also mentioned that if a property owner suspects one or more of their trees is ill but they are not 100% sure, it’s best to then call and consult with tree professionals such as Steadfast Tree Care on what to do next.

Steadfast Tree Care’s blog posts are considered helpful to the general public, which is why they are often featured in press releases such as this one that can be seen here:

Wood went on to add that for those who notice some of the tree sickness signs that were brought up in the blog and are not willing or don’t have the time to take corrective steps themselves, they are welcome to call them for help. He says his crews are very experienced when it comes to diagnosing and resolving a wide variety of tree illnesses. A large majority of the time when his company is asked to help at the early stages of tree sickness, they can save the affected trees and get them back to good health.

The company owner stated that reversing the course of illness in trees is not the only tree service that his skilled crews are very proficient at. According to Wood, they are also experts when it comes to safely removing trees and then getting rid of the stumps that are left behind after that’s been done. Other highly-rated tree services that this company performs include storm debris cleanup, brush & full land clearing, and emergency tree services.

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