New SEO Volatility Software Saves SEO Clients From Misunderstandings

In Q4 of 2021 the SEO industry got a first look at a new technology that takes aim at search ranking volatility. The SEO Volatility tool acts as a real time ranking verifier. Experienced SEOs know that one of the riskiest moments in SEO is telling a client or employer where they rank today.

"This creates the all too common problem that the client or employer checks from their computer and sees a different and often not as flattering rank position," said software creator Edward Kubaitis. "This causes frustration and has on many accounts led to SEOs being fired."

The SEO Volatility software treats rankings as a probability and measures the rankings many times as quickly as possible to give a current ranking probability distribution.

"For example we used to say things like 'Hey I checked this morning and we were ranking #4.' but unfortunately we should have told the client 'I checked and we appear in 20% of search and 60% of the time at #4 when we appear, with a worst case of #12,'" said Kubaitis.

This new methodology manages the expectation better of what the client/employer will likely encounter when they to manually check the ranking. Simply knowing that they may have to try several times is a huge benefit to SEOs trying to manage client expectations. The software reports can also identify situations where the SEO can improve even when rankings don't go up. "A client can go from appearing in 20% of search to 100% of searches at #4. That can cause a 5X in organic traffic to the page and all without even moving a single rank position," noted Kubaitis.

The technology is diagnostic for many issues beyond SERP Volatility including: Google Position Testing, Google Time Sharing, Google Title Variance, Google Description Variance, and Webpage Cannibalization issues. The helpful documentation page provides videos for alternate use cases. Beyond powerful SEO diagnostics, this new SEO Volatility Software might save client or employer relationships from ending due to all too common misunderstandings coming from ranking fluctuations.


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