New Report from Memberium Reveals The Top 6 Membership Site Mistakes That New Membership Site Owners Make

Memberium is pleased to announce that they have produced a free report that can save new membership site owners or first-time online course creators a tremendous amount of blood, sweat, and tears. The CEO of Memberium, Andrew Pfund, said “Even we ourselves (and other experts) have repeated these same mistakes many times over. Over the years, we’ve identified some clear patterns behind these mistakes and that's why we produced this free guide.”

The document is free and available here:

Top 6 Membership Site Mistakes

Tess Mitchum, who is now a customer of Memberium, started her work with them after reading their “Top 6 Membership Mistakes” document. “I had already made most of them,” she said and laughed. “And I was getting ready to make the rest of them!”

Mr. Pfund explained that “Memberium gives you the power, control and flexibility to build a successful membership site or course that’s fully automated. Publishers really appreciate the freedom, and the helpful information we can offer.” Memberium is a premium membership plugin for WordPress that works with popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms such as Infusionsoft, Keap and ActiveCampaign.

The report summarizes six-core membership site mistakes identified after working with hundreds of membership site owners and course creators over the past decade.

It begins with a cautionary tale about a publisher who spent 14 months and over $10,000 developing his membership program. He shot hundreds of videos, developed extensive content, and prepared pages of documents answering the questions that he thought his buyers would want to be answered.

Sadly, this man got almost no interest in his offering, and so eventually he decided to offer his course for free to a few select people in his target audience in exchange for them allowing him to interview them and gain their extensive feedback.

What he found floored him. The videos he spent all this time and effort on didn’t answer his target market’s questions. The course itself had far too much content and users were overwhelmed. As he was determined, he went back to the proverbial drawing board – and was surprised at what actually ended up working for him in the end. It would've saved him a ton of time, money and effort if he had only known about these mistakes before he started.

Some of the information in this guide – particularly the first mistake named – is perhaps counter-intuitive. That section is called “Overbuilding.” Memberium wrote that overbuilding is the biggest and most common reason that new membership sites or new online courses fail. “We’ve seen hundreds of membership site owners make this same mistake,” said Mr. Pfund. “They do too much, and they try to make their site perfect before they launch. Perfect is not the way to go here. Done is better than perfect.”

Memberium also suggests that business owners start by building a “minimum viable membership site,” and get it out there in the real world as quickly as possible. This allows you to get valuable, live, instructional feedback from real people in your target market.

The document discusses other costly mistakes that new membership site and course creators often make with their sites. These range from not focusing enough on sales and marketing; even though "no one finds marketing and sales easy or natural at first," as Memberium writes, they are vital if a business intends to succeed.

The free document also points out a common pitfall about membership sites. People tend to ask their friends and family for feedback. Obviously, one’s friends and family are not necessarily the target market that a business is aiming at. So their perspectives might not only be irrelevant, they could in fact be destructive or counterproductive.

There are several other topics and some hard won insights in the document, including what they call “Choice Paralysis,” which is not being able to decide what to focus on first and what order to implement things in development. That part of the process is very challenging for many people.

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