New Perspectives Offers Program for Autism in Utah

August 2021, Heber City, UT – Utah-based company New Perspectives supports neurodiverse young adults in the area. Neurodiverse young adults' learning differences range from high functioning autism, anxiety, traumatic brain injury, dyslexia, dysgraphia, trauma to depression.

Offering a different approach, New Perspectives offers a Program for Autism in Utah. Instead of following the traditional style, New Perspectives program founders Justin and Janet Robinsons introduced the motivational approach based on current research and best practices in their programs. "Rather than isolating students from real-life situations and experiences, we immerse young adults in the local community," they say.

Their programs are "Different By Design" but have proven effective in achieving their goal to help neurodiverse young adults reach independent living. According to New Perspectives, their approach seeks to help students feel engaged in living real life, starting on day one of their program. In addition, they emphasize building connections and a sense of belonging in the larger environment.

New Perspectives also allows neurodiverse young adults under their program to make their own choices. According to them, restricting choice, by its very nature, leads to power struggles, limits honest interaction, and decreases internal motivation, all while creating feelings of disempowerment and hopelessness. Thus, their approach allows young adults to decide on their own. According to the Robinson couple, it is to allow life to provide natural consequences whenever possible, rather than creating artificial consequences that result in resentment, they add.

Furthermore, New Perspectives offers different services to provide support to neurodiverse young adults. These services include Life Coaching, Peer Mentor, Clinical, Academic Team, Employment and Career, and Recreation. For each service, a separate team is in charge for each young adult. However, instead of an in-office counseling session setup, the New Perspectives team provides in-the-moment coaching and support in more natural environments.

The Neurodiversity Support Services for Young Adults in Utah likewise emphasizes having a unique, individualized plan for each student they handle. "Each student's schedule is the result of a continual process of collaboration with their coaching team. This intentional process gives a foundation for the development of a structure that allows them to reach mutually agreed-upon goals in the manner and rhythm best suited for their unique personalities and challenges," they further explained.

To know more about the different Program For Neurodiverse Young Adults Utah offered by New Perspectives, clients may visit They may call 912-230-5476 or send an email to The Utah Young Adult Life Coach is located at 1270 West 1130 South, Ste 110 Orem, Utah 84058


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