New Perspectives Offers Array of Programs For Neurodiverse Individuals in Utah

Heber City, UT – Utah-based firm, New Perspectives, offers an array of services intended to provide support for teens or young adults with neurodiversity. Neurodiverse children are those whose learning differences range from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, high functioning autism, anxiety, traumatic brain injury, dyslexia, dysgraphia, trauma to depression. Their conditions require special support services.

To answer this call, New Perspectives has crafted its formula to support neurodiverse young adults in their goals of integrating into a life of independence. Instead of using the traditional formula, the Utah company employs a motivational approach based on current research and best practices in their programs.

According to them, instead of isolating neurodiverse young adults from real-life situations and experiences, they immerse them in the local community. New Perspectives stressed that integrating them with their surroundings can help reduce barriers for young adults to help them enjoy independent living.

The New Perspectives Utah Young Adult Life Coach program founders Justin and Janet Robinsons say that "the approach seeks to help young adults feel engaged in living real life, starting on day one." The Robinsons couple says their approach was based on experience, successes, and multiple perspectives they learned throughout their journey. They also gained lessons from their unusual amount of experience as parents of neurodiverse children. It has forged them into strong advocates for the needs and rights of each learner.

New Perspectives founder says that these experiences have given them a personal understanding of the challenges and complexities of preparing and launching neurodiverse young adults. For this reason, they also offer support based on the individual needs of their students or clients.

"Matching students' needs to the optimal amount of support and structure are crucial to creating an environment where young adults thrive," the company states.

Instead of an in-office counseling session, the Support For Neurodiverse Young Adults in Utah also provides in-the-moment coaching and support in more natural environments. They incorporate a customized and individual coaching approach through personalized and socialized engagement for each client. In addition, they provide life coaching, peer mentorship, social and recreation monitoring, employment and career, recreation, and residential monitoring.

For more information about the programs for neurodiverse young adults, interested parties may visit They may contact 912-230-5476 or send an email to The Utah Young Adult Life Coach is located at 520 North Main Street, STE 536 Heber City, UT 84302.


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