New Perspectives Introduces New Approach To Teen Therapy

February 2021, Heber City, UT – Utah-based New Perspectives veer away with the traditional approaches to teen therapy.

Rather than following others, New Perspectives is a Teen Therapist of their own. New Perspective provides an individualized approach to independent living among young adults. Rather than isolating students from real-life situations and experiences, they immerse young adults in the local community.

The young adult value journey of New Perspectives begins by building personalized growth and balance plan. This planning process is not a one-time event but an ongoing process involving five important phases. Teens must undergo the following: envision, assess, strategize, commit and review. The NP team helps students and young adults understand and reflect on each phase.

After crafting their building personalized growth and balance plan, the next step would be determining the appropriate levels of support the teen needs. Instead of predetermined levels or program stages, the NP team utilizes an ongoing process of evaluation. "Matching students' needs to the optimal amount of support and structure are crucial to creating an environment where young adults thrive," the NP team says.

Following the matching process, the Young Adult Life Coach specialist identifies the 'success team' for each teen. Each student's team is composed of members from the New Perspectives staff as well as community members.

"Our team of specialists are passionate about providing life coaching support to young adults with learning differences in ways that build on strengths and dreams," the company stressed.

New Perspectives also puts a focus on providing a motivational approach based on current research and best practices. Their experienced team is ready to help young adults and families overcome challenges throughout their adolescent journey. They have a team of experts in life coaching, peer mentoring, clinical, academic employment, career, and recreation.

The life coaching team also emphasizes building connections and a sense of belonging in the larger environment. They say, "Whether helping to implement a new skill or joining them as they are struggling, our coaches help students in choosing a path forward, working alongside them while gradually reducing support as change is internalized."

The New Perspectives program was founded by couple Justin and Janet Robinsons, whose unique life experiences have given shape to an approach based on experience, successes, and multiple perspectives.

To directly connect with New Perspectives, interested parties may call 888.859.NPYA (6792) or fill out their contact form on their website: or send an email to They are located at 520 North Main Street, STE 536 Heber City, UT 84302.


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