New Perspective Paves Way For Neurodiverse Young Adults Towards Independent Living

Heber City, UT - Neurodiverse young adults often face difficulty in facing the challenges of life. But thanks to New Perspectives, they offer a different approach to independent living.

The Utah-based Support For Neurodiverse Young Adults UTAH offers a program that focuses on a motivational approach based on current research and best practices. Rather than isolating students from real-life situations and experiences, they immerse young adults in the local community. “Our approach seeks to help students feel engaged in living real life, starting on day one,” the company states.

New Perspectives points out that most programs for young adults put their independent lives on hold. Instead, New Perspectives gives those engaged in their program the opportunity to build connections and have a sense of belonging in the larger environment.

Rather than restricting young adults from making their own choices, New Perspectives highlights them on their program. They emphasize the young adult’s right to choose. “When students feel they have a choice, it is easier to establish trust, creating greater potential for cooperation and willingness to accept guidance and constructive feedback,” they further explained.

Another approach that is unique with New Perspectives is the style of support they provide. Instead of giving traditional “in-office” counseling sessions, their team offers in-the-moment coaching and support in more natural environments.

They also craft an individualized program fit to the needs of each client they cater to. New Perspectives states that “Rather than a formulaic, cookie-cutter program schedule, we place emphasis on every student having a unique, individualized plan.”

Each student creates a schedule that results from a series of collaborations with their coaching team. According to New Perspectives, this intentional process gives a foundation for the development of a structure that allows teens to “reach mutually-agreed upon goals in the manner and rhythm best suited for their unique personalities and challenges.”

This unique approach to independent living for young adults was crafted by couple Justin and Janet Robinsons, founder of New Perspectives. Their unique life experiences have been an inspiration to the approach employed by their company. Their approach is focused on experience, successes, and multiple perspectives.

To connect with the Teen Therapist in UTAH from New Perspectives, clients may call 888.859.NPYA (6792) or send an email to For more information about the unique program of New Perspectives, visit New Perspectives is located at 520 North Main Street, STE 536 Heber City, UT 84302.


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