New Orleans Tree Service Discusses Why Tree Removal Services in NOLA are Best Left to Professionals

Big Easy Tree Removal is a New Orleans business that has specialized in taking down trees in the area for many years now. It’s this extensive amount of tree felling experience the company has that has led them to caution home and business owners against attempting to do tree removal themselves. They say that tree removal can be a dangerous undertaking if not done right. That’s why they state tree removal services in NOLA are best left to professionals such as them who have the knowledge and specialized equipment needed to do this job safely.

A spokesperson for the company says, “There are no tree tasks that we do that pose more danger than taking down a tree. That’s because oftentimes this job is done in close proximity to homes, buildings, and other structures that can be damaged if a tree does not come down where intended. It also poses a threat to our crew on the ground if anything goes wrong. Fortunately, our tree removal crews are led by seasoned professionals that know how to minimize risk when doing this important tree task. It’s the potential danger that taking down a tree presents as to why we caution non-professionals against trying to do it. Besides, with the fair prices that we charge for this service, it’s just not worth the risk.”

The spokesperson also said that they do take all of the steps that are necessary to make the immediate area safe when they are about to take a tree down. This includes moving cars and other objects that are not fixed in place and making sure any onlookers stay well back from the tree landing area. He says that the well-trained arborists on their crews know how to make a specialized cut in a tree to get it to fall in the direction they desire. They also have specialized equipment such as cables and ropes that can be used to guide a tree to the ground that looks like it may not be leaning toward the intended landing area. The company spokesperson said their crew's experience also tells them that no two tree removal scenarios are ever the same. That’s why they take the time to thoroughly assess the current tree felling situation and then come up with a plan that will guide a tree to the ground without incident. For example, he says their crews know that sometimes it helps to remove big branches before attempting to take down larger size trees. It was also mentioned that although incidents are rare when a professional tree service like them takes down a tree, they do have all of the insurances in place to easily cover any damages.

Other advantages of using a professional tree service were brought up too. This includes them having the equipment necessary to also completely remove the stump after a tree has been taken down. That’s the only way that the ground where the tree once stood can be repurposed for planting grass or as part of a building project. He also mentioned that Big Easy Tree Removal’s services are very flexible. They can do everything from removing a small tree for a homeowner to taking down a large number of trees on a commercial property. It was also even pointed out that although they never like to see a tree come down, it can be very beneficial to remove trees that are dead, diseased, encroaching upon structures, or pose a potential hazard when one the areas frequent strong storms passes through.

The company spokesperson also talked about how they offer other important tree services besides safe tree removal and stump grinding. Some of Big Easy Tree Removal’s other popular services include tree planting, fertilization, preservation, termite treatments, and installing tree support systems such as cables. They are also experts when it comes to tree trimming. He says their experienced arborists know when the best time of year is to trim all the different varieties of trees in the New Orleans area and how to get them to come out looking great and in a much healthier condition. Those who are looking for a tree removal company in New Orleans or the surrounding areas such as Gretna, River Ridge, Harahan, and Laplace can call them, send them an email, or fill out the free quote form that’s found on their website.


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