New Orleans Insulation Contractor Prides Itself on the Large Number of Insulation-Related Services it Offers

As the name implies, Star Spray Foam Insulation is best known for its quality spray foam application work. That is by no means the only reputable insulation-related type of work that this New Orleans insulation contractor offers. Their spray foam insulation applications are nicely complemented by a variety of home and building comfort-enhancing and energy-saving services. The company offers its insulation-related services to both residential and commercial customers in Greater New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

A company spokesperson says, “Here at Star Spray Foam Insulation, we realize that we have to do much more than just spray foam applications to satisfy our customers’ insulation-related needs. That’s why we offer such a wide variety of insulation support services too. Each of these support services is designed to help our customers better insulate their properties and, in turn, help them save some money on their energy bills too. We pledge to continue looking for new ways to better serve our New Orleans customers' insulation-related needs.”

The spokesperson for Star Spray Foam Insulation acknowledged that their spray foam insulation work was their bread and butter service. This service has become very popular because they offer two different types of spray foam products. Included in this is their open-cell spray foam insulation. He says this is the most economical of their spray foam choices. It does a great job filling the insulation needs for attics and other spaces that get bombarded by high humidity conditions. It also is a very good choice when it comes to soundproofing spaces. The company spokesperson continued by saying that their highest quality spray foam product is their closed-cell insulation. It’s an insulation type that provides strength and tenacity to go along with the highest R-value of any of their spray foam insulation products. Those that are insulating spaces in a flood-prone area will want to make this their spray foam insulation of choice too.

According to the company spokesperson their spray foam insulation products are also very versatile. They can be applied to much more than just attic spaces. This includes their floor insulation New Orleans services. He added that they are also happy to provide any spray foam inspection services that their customers require. It was also pointed out by him that their spray foam insulation services offer such additional benefits while acting as moisture barriers, providing a means to combat mold, and they are environmentally friendly too.

It was also stated that another energy-saving service that they offer is their white roof coating applications. This will help any type of home or commercial become a little greener and better protect its existing roof coating. This product does this by being somewhat reflective of the sun's powerful UV rays and also helps protect roofs from the harsh storms that often find their way through the New Orleans area. He stated that their white roof coatings are impactful because of the elastic properties that the binders and polymers used in their chemical makeup give to them. The company spokesperson also talked about how proficient those at the company have become at doing energy audits. This is a great way for any home or business owner to find out what areas of their structures could benefit by having insulation added or by having other energy-saving products installed in them. The company spokesperson described how they can even check dryer vents to ensure that there is not any substantial energy loss that can be attributed to them.

Star Spray Foam Insulation offers its services to home and business owners in more than just New Orleans too. Their service territory extends out to Baton Rouge, Jefferson, Houma, and St. Tammany, Mississippi. Those home and business customers that would like more information on the services that this reputable spray foam insulation contractor offers can send them an email, call them, or they can fill out the ‘Free Consultation’ form that’s found at the top of their website’s homepage.


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