New Orleans Foam Insulation Experts Explain Why Spray Foam is Better Than Fiberglass Insulation

New Orleans foam insulation professionals, Star Spray Foam - New Orleans Insulation & Energy Consultants, wants those in the area to realize that spray foam offers many advantages over batt type fiberglass insulation. This is the reason why many builders that once used fiberglass insulation exclusively now refuse to use anything but spray foam insulation. The company says this trend toward using spray foam over fiberglass insulation on building projects is not only growing, but contractors and others are finding, even more, uses for this versatile product. The difference between these two forms of insulation is so dramatic, the company felt compelled to discuss them.

The company spokesperson says, “Our company’s owner brought over 2 decades of home building and maintenance experience with him when he started this company. During those years he had seen many trends take place in building practices but none moved him as much as the use of spray foam as a primary means of insulation in attics and other areas of new homes. He was so impressed with how well this type of insulation works, he decided it was time to start his own company that provided spray foam insulation services. Once people see how well spray foam insulation works, very few people ever choose to use older types of fiberglass batt insulation again.”

According to the company spokesperson, one of the biggest advantages that spray foam insulation offers over using fiberglass insulation is its ability to stay in place once it has been applied to a surface. It also tends to eliminate all air gaps because it fills cracks and cervices as it's applied and that’s almost impossible to achieve with fiberglass batt insulation. He also pointed out that spray foam has better energy efficiency than fiberglass and forms a highly beneficial moisture barrier which is something that fiberglass insulation is unable to do. Spray foam insulation is also applied while wearing special suits so there is none of the itching or coughing that is so often associated with installing row after row of fiberglass batt insulation. Unlike fiberglass insulation, the spokesperson stated that it’s also almost impossible for rodents and other critters to use spray foam insulation as a bedding material and it offers the perfect solution for hard to reach and irregularly shaped attic areas because it’s sprayed into place instead of being cut to fit.

The company spokesperson also talked about why it’s best to have a professional service like them do a spray foam insulation project. It takes the special equipment and special training that they have to maximize the effectiveness of the foam insulation that’s been sprayed in place. Most homeowners and non-professionals that do this work fail to get the same results at this. He says that a properly done professional spray foam insulation job will pay for itself many times in energy savings over the lifetime of a home. It was also mentioned that spray foam insulation is not only recommended for attics, but it’s also perfect for use on walls, floors, and can even be used to coat equipment and storage containers.

Star Spray Foam is also very pleased to be able to offer three different types of spray foam insulation. The least expensive of which is the application of their open-cell foam insulation which has decent energy efficiency. For the ultimate in spray foam effectiveness and energy efficiency, the company spokesperson recommends that people choose to have closed-cell foam insulation applied. He added that for those who want a greener option that still offers good energy efficiency, their cellulose spray foam insulation option is the way for them to go.

In addition to spray foam insulation services, the company spokesperson informed that they also do complete residential and commercial energy audits, white roof coatings, insulation inspections, and blower door testing. For those seeking more information on the services that this company that specializes in foam insulation in New Orleans, you can call them, shoot them an email, or schedule a free energy consultation by filling out the form that’s found on their website’s homepage.


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